Gain permission to clone content

Gain permission to clone content

You have the ability to clone any content items of which you are the author. You can change the author by using the operations menu available on Manage Content. This allows you the ability to clone any content within your League's site.

Go to Manage Content

Access Manage Content from the Administrator League Menu. Click the link to open this list of all content items (or nodes) within your site.

Administrator League menu, expanded

Select the content item(s) and the operation

Scroll down the page to the list of content items. Begin checking the boxes of content items for which you'd like to update the author. You can begin by checking the boxes or by selecting the 'Change Author' operation, but be sure you do both.

Operations menu for Manage Content, Change Author selected

Execute the operation

Once you have the proper operation selected and the content item(s) checked off, click the Execute button to proceed to the next step.

example of Operations menu's Execute button, Manage Content

Specify the new author by username

On the following page, begin typing the username of the user to which you would like to assign ownership. A dropdown list of users will dynamically appear as you continue typing the username. You can click the Next button once you type out the username completely or select it from the dropdown list.

Example of 'Change Author' operation, confirmation page

Success! Receiving the green bar

The green success will appear at the top of the page, listing the operation and the number of items you selected. The newly assigned author of the content item(s) can now clone the content.

example of Operation execution success bar


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