Other Issues

Other Issues

From advancing health care to protecting the environment, voters care about many issues. We promote social and economic justice as well as the health and safety of all Americans to defend democracy.

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Your city council or other government meetings are now as close as your TV or computer, including ways to participate from home. Check out some of the government bodies now holding virtual meetings during the coronavirus emergency. Check back -- we will be adding more!

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There’s a lot happening early in March, but catch a breath because there’s more to do all month and beyond. It’s all in here. Don’t miss any of it!

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An extensive interview by Indivisible - Ventura with 2 judicial candidates plus links to help the voter understand what the Superior Court does:

Read the interview here:  https://indivisibleventura.org/2020/02/17/40-questions-interviews-with-t...



Action Alerts


What does SB 89 mean for Cuyahoga County?

SB 89, if approved by the Ohio Senate, will end EdChoice, the “performance -based” voucher program and the deduction method of funding NEW vouchers.

Take Action - Be Heard

Key dates in the 2020 election season. Mark your calendars and make a plan to vote.

Tulare County
Event Date: 
Sep 17 2019 - 11:30am
Event location: 

Left of Center

If it’s important and has anything to do with Jerry Brown’s administration and major California public policy issues, Diana Dooley was in the middle of it.


The League of Women Voters of Louisville and Jefferson County believes that decent, suitable, desirable, and affordable housing should be available for all in our community without discrimination as to economic status, race, color, creed, ethnic origin, familial status, sex, age, or physical or mental handicap. 
Wisconsin Capitol July

Action Alerts

Event Date: 
Feb 9 2019 - 9:30am to 12:00pm
Event location: 

Peace Lutheran Church

Nevada County has a thriving and valuable presence statewide in providing medical cannabis to patients.  Regulatory and economic developments in recent years have brought the future viability of the medical cannabis model into question

LWV VC at Ventura City Council for International Women'd Day
Event Date: 
Mar 12 2020 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
Event location: 

Ventura College of Law, Classroom #1 located off the courtyard

Open to all members or anyone interested in learning more about the League.