Manually Create New User & Add Member to League

Manually Create New User & Add Member to League

Manually Create New User & Add Member to League

With your MyLO site, you are able to create user accounts for your members and add them to your League's group. You can also set up your site so that your members can request the user account from you--all you have to do is approve. You also have the option of requesting a bulk member upload from the MyLO Team, where you'd provide us with the formatted spreadsheet of all your members & we upload all of them at once.

This documentation will focus on the steps you need to take create a new user account manually. While logged in as a Webmaster:

  1. Begin on your League's homepage. Click the Administer League Site menu to expand its options.
  2. Click Manage Members to access the member roster.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of member roster. Click Add Member button.MyLO Doc - Add Member from Manage Members screen
  4. At the bottom of that page, click Create new user button. This will open a new tab/page, but do not close the previous tab/page because you'll come back to it once you've created this new user.MyLO Doc - Create new user
  5. Add new member's information, such as:

MyLO Doc - New User Form: top portion

  1. Username**: the preferred method for creating a username is "firstnamelastname" (e.g. janedoe, johnsmith)
  2. Email Address**: this is unique for each user
  3. Password (& confirmation)**: create a default password that the new user will change upon receiving login credentials.
  4. Status: the new user should remain active, but know that you have this option for future use.
  5. Notify user of new account: This setting is currently shut off. We recommend manually sending new members notice; email the MyLO Team for a template welcome email.MyLO Doc - New User Form: bottom portion
  6. First & Last Name**
  7. Mailing Address
  8. Contact Number
  9. Time zone**
  10. When finished, click Create new account.
  11. Go back to the previous tab/page, titled People in Group [your League].MyLO Doc - Add user to group
    1. NOTE: If you did not keep this tab open, repeat steps 1 through 3: travel back to the homepage by clicking on the League logo at the top. Open your Administer League Site menu, and click Manage Members. From here, scroll to the bottom to select Add members.
  12. In the User name field, type in the newly created member's username.
  13. Choose that member from the drop-down menu under the User name field.
  14. Click Add users.

You've successfully added this new member to your League's MyLO roster!

Go here to make this member a webmaster.

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