President Doris Dingott Calls for Volunteers

President Doris Dingott Calls for Volunteers

Doris Dingott

Do you know that the LWVWP’s purpose is to promote an informed and active participation in government not only for adults but for our young people as well?  How do we engage and educate our young people in civic participation?  How do we encourage them to become life time voters? How successful are we? Here are the LWVWP programs to “engage our youth.”  All of these programs need volunteers, and they are very rewarding opportunities, indeed!  Please contact me if you can help!  Read on....

..........PROGRAM CHAIR NEEDED FOR NEXT SEASON!  Every spring LWVWP sponsors two White Plains youth for our “Students inside Albany” (SIA) program. This is a three-day conference; all expenses are covered, including travel, overnight accommodations and meals.  Last year, Sophia Alexandrou and Sinclair Harris, juniors in White Plains H.S were selected.  Due to Covid, the SIA conference was cancelled, but this year on May 21-May 23rd) Sophia and Sinclair will attend this interactive conference that brings together high school students from across the state to learn about the process by which citizens can participate in the policy making arena.  Included are tours of the Capital and opportunities to shadow their representatives in the Senate and Assembly.  Our League volunteers do not attend the conference, but coordinate with the High School, the Youth Bureau, and the New York State League to make arrangements and select the students.

Another annual event, the LWVWP Marge Davies Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a WPHS student based upon a written essay submitted to and reviewed by a committee of LWVWP members.  Last year’s winner is attending Columbia University with a full scholarship.  ESSAY REVIEWERS NEEDED FOR THIS SPRING, AND A PROGRAM CHAIR IS NEEDED FOR NEXT SEASON.

During LWVWP’s annual  Vote 18 Registration Drive, League Members visit White Plains HS, other Westchester high schools and colleges to educate and register young people.  The League encourages young people to participate in Voter Registration Drives, volunteer for local Candidate Debates and participate in special Civics Programs. A VOLUNTEER SIGNUP SHEET FOR HS VISITS WILL BE EMAILED IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

LWVNY (NY. state League) is promoting Youth Engagement by establishing a College Campus Program (CCP) focusing on ages 18-24 year olds.  The College students will be trained in Voter Registration, Advocacy and Lobbying and then they train future students. Other leagues in Westchester and New York State have shared their programs to encourage voting in the Middle School and the High School.  THIS IS A NEW INITIATIVE AND WE NEED A VOLUNTEER TO STEP UP AND BE THE LIAISON FOR OUR LEAGUE.

Do you agree it’s urgent to vote in Federal, (especially) state and local elections? . LWVWP has a lot to learn! We are seeking opportunities to foster the “Voting habit” in young people. The “how to” is there; local leagues throughout NY State collaborate and share information.  We NEED YOU to “raise your hand,” to volunteer to “engage our youth” for the future of our democracy. 

My email is: LWVWP.president [at]
Doris Dingott, President LWVWP

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