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US flags. Thanks for protecting democracy in Texas!

Action Alerts

We want to thank Senators who opposed SB 9 and fought the good fight to make it better and remind them that now there are even more reasons to defeat the confirmation of Secretary of State David Whitley.

Doctors in an operating room "gun safety"

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Support HB 316 and SB 1573!  These bills will produce a public awareness campaign that covers firearm accidents involving children, suicide prevention, and the safe handling and storage of firearms.

Why is voting so hard? Young woman Rules! Exceptions! Roadblocks!

Action Alerts

Voters are asking us: “Why is voting so many rules, exceptions, roadblocks?
What can I do about it?”
Great question! Take these two actions to protect democracy in Texas!

Workers Fight to protect local democracy

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Senate Bill 15, a proposal banning local communities from protecting workers has now been broken into four separate bills.  The new bills are headed to the House.

Scared young woman. Stop Scary April Fools Day Election Bills

Action Alerts

Scary April Fool’s Day Election Bills – Tell Senate State Affairs Committee members to fix real voting problems, not make it harder and scarier to vote!

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