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Vote Safe

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Texas must ensure that free and fair elections remain accessible and unimpeded. This historic moment calls for quick actions by state leadership.

Grey Texas flag. Demand Action on Gun Bills

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Demand action NOW from Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz on two gun safety bills!

Two bipartisan gun safety bills passed the US House of Representatives this spring.  They were sent to the US Senate and there has been no action.  

Workers Fight to protect local democracy

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These bills would prohibit local governments from requiring the following of their local businesses: 

Children smiling. Support the children's Health Coverage bill.

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Please urge the House Human Services Committee to Vote for Texas Children’s Health!

Group gathered at the Texas Capitol in opposition to SB9

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Urge your Senator and Representative to OPPOSE SB9. Email today!

Woman crying. Help victims of domestic abuse

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Please use these two actions below to support bills that help victims of domestic violence.

Diverse group of young people using phones and computers

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Our Texas election system cannot assure us of accurate and secure registered voter rolls. Modern systems exist in other states that are more accurate, safe and secure – and cost much less!

Students in School Classroom with Hands up.

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All Texas children deserve to receive a high-quality education.

Women in row! Support Women's Health in Texas

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You can take action to urge the 86th Texas Legislature to continue to rebuild and augment the women’s healthcare safety net in Texas.  Numerous bills have been filed that impact women’s access to contracep

Voting Booth

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Your State Senator & State Representative Wants to Hear from YOU – Tell Them Texas Needs Modern & Secure Elections