Women's Issues Action Team

Women's Issues Action Team

The Women’s Issues Action Team chooses a women’s rights focus from a list of specific issues in the general areas of economic equality, political equality, legal/judicial equality, health care equality, gender bias/misogyny, gender-based violence, and racism as a multiplier of inequality.  Annually or from time to time the team may choose to change its focus.  As a practical matter, the action team will not focus on an issue that is already the focus of another LWVCM team (e.g., voting right)

Gender Gap Issue

Does this bring a wry smile to your face, or is it too true?  We know that a SIGNIFICANT GENDER PAY GAP exists in this country (and other countries as well), for women as a whole and especially for women of color. Closing the gap is absolutely essential to helping women achieve economic security.  

Even though the vast majority of Americans support equal pay for equal work, and there has been some progress over the last half-century, it is far from a reality today.  It has been estimated that if progress continues at its current rate, American women overall should not expect to see pay equity until 2060, and it could be 100 years before Black and Latina women close the gap!   This is simply unacceptable. That estimate was made before COVID-19 and it is likely that the rate of progress could even be slowed by COVID-19’s disparate impact on women’s employment.

The Women’s Issues Action Team researched ideas which have been formulated on accelerating that progress. (See ‘Resources’ below for some links.) Taking this research to a collection of organizations from the Charlotte area that have committed to making equality a reality for women, the LWVCM joined with 11 other groups to form the Coalition for Pay Equity (CPE).

CPE is planning its first event, a virtual panel discussion on “Pay Equity: How Do We Get There?”  This event, taking place on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment being added to the US Constitution, is the first in a series of action-oriented events focused on closing the gender pay gap.  The event will include two experts on advocacy for women’s workplace rights, a personal story, and an opportunity to answer questions. The panel will conclude with actionable items to help move the needle locally.  

Please check the Calendar to register to join us!




Paycheck Fairness Act: https://congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/7/text