Initiative to Revive Civility

national week of conversation logoSince last summer, the League of Women Voters of Ohio has been working with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to implement Revive Civility Ohio, a grassroots campaign to foster respect and civil discourse byreaching out to residents. We can all do more in our daily lives to listen to one another, demonstrate respect for different viewpoints, and try to find common ground.


Civility is a quality that citizens should feel empowered to require from their representatives in government, and elected officials must become more comfortable in showing their ability to be civil. Too often, there’s a tendency to view compromise as a weakness, but we know that achievements in government rarely happen without people diligently working together.

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Leagues are invited to join with the National Institute for Civil Discourse and Bridge Alliance, to participate in a National Week of Conversation (April 20-28, 2018). Americans from all over the country will take a step to help bridge the political divides through listening to each other and holding civil, respectful conversations about the future of our nation and how we can create a more positive tone in this year's elections. Tools and discussion guides are available here.