Fair Districts Action Alert

Fair Districts Action Alert

Time Range For Action Alert: 
February 1, 2018 to February 7, 2018

Fair Districts 

Ohio Republicans released the broad outlines of their proposal. Unfortunately, it will NOT endgerrymandering in our Congressional districts. Read the cleveland.com report of their proposalhere. Compare District Reform Plans

Contact the Working Group members, as well as your state representative and senator. Tellthem: 

Voters want real reform. The proposal must ensure bipartisan map-making and prevent politicians from choosing their voters. Communities should be kept together.

Large counties deserve protection just as much as small counties. 

We need a more public process. This is important, and they are trying to rush something through! The public needs to see this proposal in writing so that experts and the public can weigh in on this important change to the Ohio Constitution. 

Working Group Members: Kirk Schuring (Repr, R-Canton) 77 High Street 14th Floor, Columbus OH 43215 (614) 752-2438 Jack Cera (Repr, D-Bellaire) 77 High Street 10th Floor, Columbus OH 43215 (614) 466-3735 Matt Huffman( Sen, R-Lima) 1 Capitol Square 1st Floor, Columbus OH 43215 (614) 466-7584 Vernon Sykes (Sen, D-Akron) 1 Capitol Square Ground Floor, Columbus OH 43215 (614)