New Action Alerts to oppose Senate Bill 210 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 21

Less Plastic
Time Range For Action Alert: 
June 4, 2018 to June 10, 2018

The Ohio Senate is poised to vote on two measures that could be
catastrophic for the environment as early as Wednesday, June 6. Call your
Senator today and ask them to oppose both SB 210 and SCR 21.

SB 210 - Plastic bags
Senate Bill 210 would ban local governments from implementing bans or fees
on disposable plastic bags and similar single-use plastic items like
bottles and foam containers. In addition to eliminating an effective tool
to reduce plastic waste, this bill infringes on local governments’ ability
to set local policy and represent their constituents.

SCR 21 - Appalachian Petrochemical Hub
Senate Concurrent Resolution 21 expresses support for the development of
an “Appalachian petrochemical hub” which would store 100 million barrels
of liquid fracked gas underground along the Ohio River and create a
plastic manufacturing hub in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and
Kentucky. It encourages Congress to pass legislation necessary to permit
this development, which would have devastating effects on air quality, the
Ohio River, and climate change. This plan to turn the Ohio Valley into a
global “Plastic Belt” would lead to increases in cancer and respiratory
issues for those living in the area and could contaminate the Ohio River,
a main source of drinking water for 5 million people in Ohio and beyond.

Call your Senator now and ask them to oppose SB 210 and SCR 21!