Annual Meeting Follow-up

Annual Meeting Follow-up

Follow Up

We are grateful to Greg Coleridge who spoke at the LWVOA's Annual Meeting on June 1, 2019. His review of how corporations achieved their personhood, was indeed stimulating.
Please explore the following links to pursue this topic and further actions.
If you wish to view the Power Point of Mr. Coleridge's talk, please click on 
Move to Amend.pptx to download the presentation.

Here's what former Oberlin City Councilperson, Charles Peterson, said in 2012 when a Move to Amend resolution was voted on and passed by council:

"The movement to abolish the 'citizenship' status held by corporations is one of the unheralded battles of our historical moment. Under the guise of freedom of speech and the protections of the 14th Amendment, corporations have slowly expanded their control over not just the economic life of the nation but its political life as well… It is a cruel irony of history that the amendment to the constitution which guaranteed freedom, justice and democratic participation to 4 million former slaves turned citizens, would become the foundation for the degradation of freedom, justice and democratic participation for every US citizen. As both a private citizen and public official, I support a constitutional amendment that abolishes citizenship rights for corporations. As the Supreme Court's decision on Citizen's United v. FEC demonstrates, this issue will determine whether government of the people, by the people and for the people, will endure."

There are a number of specific and meaningful ways going forward that you can take to help the Move to Amend movement grow into a powerful force for democratic change!

Stay informed! Check out our website at We have scores of articles, flyers, videos and webinars that provide information you simply won't find many other places...especially related to what I spent quite a bit of time addressing in my presentation -- never-intended corporate constitutional rights. Here are are few resources you might find of particular interest: 

Public Education
A substantial list of background resources
Corporate Hijacking of the U.S. Constitution
We've just released this series of fact sheets on corporate constitutional rights, which we feel will help in the understanding that the problem of corporate rule goes far beyond simply corporate money in elections. 
Grow our Endorsements! As a members of any organization you're involved with, you can request that your group endorse Move to Amend and/or ask them to pass a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment. The current list of endorsing organizations is at while info on passing a resolution and model language is available at 
Contact your Congressperson and ask him to cosponsor the We the PeopleAmendment, H.J.R. 48. Also contact Senators Brown and Portman and ask them to introduce the We the People Amendment in the Senate. Our federally elected officials need to know we’re out here and we’re not afraid to demand and organize fundamentally change….and expect them to address the fundamental problems of corporate rule and big money in elections with a fundamental solution.
Work to pass a municipal resolution. Ask your local municipal council or county commissioners to introduce a resolution similar in wording to the We the People Amendment. More than a dozen states have passed a resolution. Over 600 local communities have done the same. Information and sample resolutions are at The entire list of community-passed resolutions is at
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
Finally, consider making a financial donation. We don’t receive financial support from corporations, governments, major foundations or political parties. Maintaining our political independence means that we financially sink or swim based on donations from our supporters. Please consider making a single donation and/or signing up to become a monthly sustainer here
The above list describes just a fraction of the many ways to become involved. Other opportunities will be shared in future emails. 
Onward together in the movement for real democracy, 
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