Contact Who Represents You

Contact Who Represents You

From LWV Metro Columbus

Here is a tool to find contact info for elected officials, from the President to Local Government.

League member on the phoneYour governmental representatives look forward to “opinions from the grassroots.” They want to know the views of their voters and emails and phone calls are the best indication of what those voters are thinking. Don’t hesitate to contact him/her for fear of imposing on them. If you have something that you think should be called to their attention, do so! Voters get top priority with most elected officials – they want to keep their voters happy.

contacting your elected official flyer cover -outlinedThere are great tips for making your communication more effective in Contacting Your Legislator or Elected Official, including:

• Do address your representative properly.
• Do be brief and to the point.
• Discuss only one issue and identify a bill by its bill number.
• Do be courteous and reasonable.
• Do contact your legislator when he/she does something of which you approve.

• Don’t begin on a righteous note of “as a citizen and a taxpayer.” Your representative assumes you are a citizen and knows we all pay taxes.
• Don’t be rude or threatening.
• Don’t be vague.
• Don’t ignore your legislator and write to one from another district because you disagree politically with yours.
• Don’t apologize for taking their time. If you are brief and express your opinion, he/she is glad to have the contact.