Public Advocacy for Voter Protection

Public Advocacy for Voter Protection

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The LWVO Education Fund, with a grant from the national LWV Education Fund, is working on state-based advocacy that aims to prevent the disenfranchisement of eligible citizens, particularly underserved populations such as communities of color, individuals with low incomes, and young people. 

Online Voter Registration

  • Community colleges and technical schools: Increase voter registration opportunities at community colleges and technical schools across Ohio by working with administrators to incorporate Online Voter Registration into orientations and general campus services. This effort will happen at a minimum of one community college or technical school per media market, a total of 6-8 institutions. The Ohio League will include voter registration numbers and implementation outcomes in the final report for this grant period, and will produce a best practices guide to share with other PAVP Leagues.
  • Public assistance agencies: LWVO will work in partnership with Innovation Ohio to improve NVRA compliance at public assistance agencies by integrating online voter registration. This work will focus on two pilot counties, Cuyahoga and Franklin Counties, which have had a decrease in voter registration as agency transactions have moved to more electronic means but voter registration had been paper-only until this year. Monitor and improve implementation of online voter registration at public assistance agencies; produce a report that assesses the efficacy of current processes and the Ohio League’s efforts to improve them in conjunction with Innovation Ohio.
  • OVR educational and promotional campaign: Work with coalition partners to update print and online materials to promote online voter registration.
  • Improve usability of state online voter registration system to allow improved voter education contacts with new voters: LWVO and our coalition partners will work with the state to implement a third-party plug-in or other technology that would allow groups like the League to better track online voter registration and to capture those new voters’ contact info to share the Voters’ Guide and other resources.

Voter purge

Continue public education and outreach campaign to ensure wrongly purged voters can participate in 2017 and 2018 elections. Distribute print and electronic materials, generate media coverage and execute coalition events (when applicable). The goals of this work are to encourage potentially affected voters to update their voter registrations and to keep the public informed of developments in the courts that affect their rights.

Issue Forums

Execute issue forums to educate communities about and build support for key election reform issues in Ohio

Local League PAVP Activities

Local Leagues in Athens, Dayton, Findlay, and Marion are working on projects in their regions.