Voter Guide

Election Dates

Presidential Preference Primary and State/County Primary

Feb 3 Deadline for Voter Registration
Feb 12 Early Voting Starts
Feb 25 Early Voting Ends
Mar 3 Election

State/Federal Primary and State/County General Election

Jul 7 Deadline for Voter Registration
Jul 17 Early Voting Starts
Aug 1 Early Voting Ends
Aug 6 Election

State/Federal General Election

Oct 5 Deadline for Voter Registration
Oct 14 Early Voting Starts
Oct 29 Early Voting Ends
Nov 3 Election

Candidate Information

The 2020 Presidential Candidate guides will be available on VOTE411.org beginning February 4th for the March 3, 2020 Presidential Preference Primary and State/County Primary Election. This will include all of the candidates' biographical information, as well their responses to questions posed by LWVUS.  All the Democratic candidates still in the race and meeting LWV criteria for VOTE411 have been invited to participate.  The criteria require at least two candidates from the same party in order to be included.  At this time, only one candidate is running for the Republican Party’s nomination; therefore no Republican candidates have been invited to participate.
There are no local contested races for Oak Ridge voters in the March 3 Primary Election—in either Anderson or Roane Counties—so these races will not be included on VOTE411 for this election.  However, all contested races will be included for the August 6, 2020 State/Federal Primary and State/County General Election, as well as the November 3, 2020 State/Federal General Election.
VOTE411 is an online voter information guide that began in 2006 at the national league level, and now has nearly 300 local leagues participating. To use it, simply log on to www.VOTE411.org, and follow the instructions.  The site uses GIS data from the U.S. Census Bureau and State Comptroller’s Office to identify your voting district from the address you enter. Therefore, the races you see should be only those pertaining to your district.  Please know that the information you provide and selections you make while using the site aren’t being collected or retained.