Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Adaptation

The Sea Level Rise & Climate Change Adaptation* Committee continues to study whether there is a need for a local position to amplify the Natural Resources positions of LWVUS and LWV-VA.  In response to the December Program review, the committee will review the LWVSHR Green Space position for possible updating.

*Why Adaptation?  Actions that address climate change in the future, for example by reducing greenhouse gasses, are “mitigation.”   “Adaptation” covers ways to cope with the changes that are already inevitable because of the increased CO2 now in our atmosphere.  In Hampton Roads, the most obvious change is the rising sea level. 


  • Examine the need for a local position on sea level rise(SLR) / climate change adaptation that will enable us to address legislation and local goverment actions, make official public statements, and clarify our position to government officials and other organizations. 
  • Address the gap in citizen action and engagement on the issue of the rising sea level and frequency of flooding in the South Hampton Roads Region.

If you would like to be involved in the Sea Level Rise & Climate Change Adaptation Committee, please email climate [at]