Newsletter Archives

Newsletter Archives

The Winter 2019 Delaware Voter

      • League Day in Dover, pages 1-2
      • Delaware Biennial Convention, June 1, 2019, page 2
      • School Board Elections, now on, page 3
      • LWVDE Action on Public Policy Issues: The Advocacy Corps Report, pages 3-5
      • President's Report, page 6
      • News from Local Leagues
        • Kent County, page 7
        • New Castle County, page 7
        • Sussex County, page 8
      • News from LWVUS, page 9
      • Thank You to our Contributors, page 9
      • Calendar, page 10

The Fall 2018 Delaware Voter

      • Holiday Lunch invitation, page 1
      • Save the Date: League Day in Dover - Legislative Day, page 2
      • ELECTION ROUNDUP, VOTER411 Successes
        • Election Observer Meeting
        • Student Mock Elections
        • Candidate Forums
        • Election Committee
      • President's Message, pages 5-6
      • NEWS FROM LOCAL LEAGUES, pages 7-9
        • Kent County 
        • New Castle County
        • Sussex County
      • Thank you to Contributors, page 8
      • History of the roles the LWVDE and LWVUS have played in energy & climate change since 2006, pages 9-11
      • News from LWVUS advocacy and litigation, page 11
      • In Memoriam, page 11
      • Calendar, page 12

The Summer 2018 Voter 

      • LWVDE joins DelCOG petition re. LLC investigation, page 1
      • Advocacy Reports, pages 2-8
      • Voting and Elections, pages 2-3
      • Social Policy, pages 3-4
      • Education, pages 4-5
      • Criminal Justice, pages 5-6
      • Health Care, pages 6-7
      • Other Important Issues, pages 7-8
        a. Budget Smoothing (HB 460)
        b. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
        c. Farmland and Open Space Preservation
      • Advocacy Corps Activity: Preparation for 150th Session of the General Assembly, page 8
      • Vote411: Guide not live for primary elections, page 9
      • Report from the Civics Committee, page 10
      • President's Musings on LWVUS 2018 Convention, page 10
      • LWVDE Hosts African Students, page 11
      • Thank Yous to our Contributors and Volunteers, page 11
      • Calendar, page 12

The Spring 2018 Voter


      • ACTION ALERT (Summary of most important bills LWV is supporting/opposing), pages 1-4
      • League Day in Dover highlights and a group picture with Governor Carney, pages 6-7
      • Report from LWV of Delaware Council and President's Report, pages 6-7
      • Vote411 online voters guide on track for July launch, page 8
      • Thank you to our contributors and volunteers, page 9
      • LWVUS Advocacy Update nationwide, page 9
      • LWVUS Action Priorities, page 10
      • Calendar, page 10

The Winter 2017 Voter 

PDF icon Contents
      • Information about League Day in Dover, page 1
      • President's Message, page 3
      • Public Policy Issues, page 3
      • Land Use and Public Policy - standing confirmed, page 5
      •, page 6
      • Thank you to Contributors, page 7
      • Fracking, page 7
      • Price on Carbon, page 9
      • Local League Activities, page 10
      • LWVUS Advocacy Update, page 11
      • Wilmington Clean Power Plan Hearing, page 12
      • Calendar, page 14

The Spring 2017 Voter 

PDF icon Contents

      • Convention speakers and registration form + pages 1-2
      • Slate of Nominees and biographical information -pages 2-6
      • LWVDE Acting on Public Policy Issues + page 6
      • League Day pictures and advocacy activity + page 7
      • President's Message + page 8
      • Land Use/Transportation Activity Report + pages 8-9
      • LWVUS Advocacy Updates + page 9
      • LWVDE Proposed and Current Program 2017-2019 +pages 10-12
      • Calendar + page 12

The Summer 2017 Voter

(missing file)

      • President's Message, page 1
      • Land Use/Transportation State Legislative Activity, page 2
      • Voting and Elections, pages 2-3
      • Education, page 4
      • Social Policy, page 4
      • Health, page 5
      • Justice Issues, pages 5-6
      • Campaign Finance, pages 6-7
      • Open Government, page 7
      • General Government, page 7
      • Housing, page 7
      • LWVUS Biennial National Council
      • LWVDE Convention Highlights, pages 8-9
      • LWVUS Advocacy Updates, pages 9-10
      • Join the Conversation - Facebook & Twitter, page 10
      • Calendar, page 10

The Fall 2017 Voter 

PDF icon Contents
      • LWVDE Holiday Luncheon, page 1
      • President's Message, page 2
      • Public Policy Issues, page 2
      • League Day in Dover 2018, page 3
      • OMB Budget Hearings, page 3
      • Thank you to Contributors, page 5
      • Local League Activities, page 5
      • LWVUS Advocacy Updates, page 7
      • Making Democracy Work Campaign, page 8
      • Calendar, page 8

Winter 2017 Delaware Voter 

PDF icon Contents

      • Advocacy Corps update
      • League action on the budget
      • President's message
      • A call to action from the Nominating Committee
      • Appeal of DNREC's secretary regarding ethanol project
      • Join LWVDE on Facebook and Twitter
      • Registration for League Day in Dover
      • Calendar

Fall 2016 Delaware Voter 

PDF icon Contents

      • League Holiday Luncheon at Dover Downs Hotel
      • President's Message
      • LWV Acting on Public Policy Issues
      • League Day in Dover April 4, 2017
      • OMB Hearings
      • Priorities for 149th Session of Delaware's General Assembly
      • Our Website
      • Action Request
      • Farmland and Open Space Funding Requests Begin
      • Action on Health
      • Join the Conversation
      • Voting Rights
      • LWVDE Price on Carbon Study 2015-16 + PDF icon Summary of Findings
      • 2016 Elected Officials Reception
      • Constitution Day Program Highlights
      • The 2016 Presidential Election WAS Rigged + Voter Suppression Can Impact Outcomes
      • Calendar

Summer 2016 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Constitution Day Program
      • Advocacy Corps Update
      • President's Message
      • Continuation of Advocacy Corps Update:
      • Summary of Action on Education-Related Bills
      • Summary of Action on Land Use-Transportation Bills
      • Summary of Legislation on General Social Policy
      • Summary of Legislation on Criminal Justice
      • Summary of Action on Housing
      • Summary of Legislation on Open Government
      • Summary of Legislation on Public Safety
      • Summary of Action on Miscellaneous Government Topics
      • Summary of Action on the Environment
      • Summary of Action on Campaign Financing
      • Climate Change Activities at National Convention 2016
      • Roundtable Discussion with African Students
      • Voter Outreach Activities Roundup
      • Kudos
      • LWVUS Convention 2016
      • Calendar

Spring 2016 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Advocacy Corps Update
      • President's Message
      • Health Care Update
      • Land Use/Transportation Update
      • Kudos to Contributors
      • UD Hosts Women's Leadership Program
      • League Day in Dover Highlights
      • Voter Outreach
      • LWV Members in the News: Annie Norman, PhD.
      • LWVSC Land Use Forums
      • Join in: Facebook and Twitter
      • Carrie Chapman Catt Award Highlights
      • LWVDE Endowment Fund
      • Naturalization Ceremonies
      • Calendar

Winter 2016 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Invitation to League Day in Dover
      • The Gender Wage Gap Equal Pay Day Event Tuesday, April 12, 2016
      • President's Message
      • Advocacy Corps Update
      • LWVDE Environmental Committee Summary Report
      • Help Wanted
      • LWVDE Land Use/Transportation Committee Report
      • "Thank You" to our donors
      • Presentation of the Tenth Carrie Chapman Catt Award
      • The League's Priority Federal Issues for 2016
      • The LWVDE Endowment Fund at the Delaware Community Foundation
      • Registration information for Council, Friday, May 6 to Sunday, May 9, 2016
      • Calendar

Fall 2015 Delaware Voter 

PDF icon Contents

      • Invitation to Our Holiday Luncheon
      • President's Message
      • Advocacy Corps Update
      • Help Wanted
        Finance Committee leadership
        Campaign Finance Committee members
      • The Focus is on Justice
      • LWVDE Grows Social Media Communities
      • Thank You!
      • Making a League Gift Grow
      • Action Alert: Congress Threatens Clean Power Plan
      • A Price on Carbon
      • Leading the League into our 2nd Century
      • Calendar

Summer 2015 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • President's Message
      • LWV Hosts Roundtable for African Students from WEI
      • Advocacy Corps Report: Highlights of the 2015 Session of the Delaware General Assembly
      • LWVDE Grows Social Media Communities
      • Highlights of the LWV of Delaware Convention
      • Continued Highlights of 2015 Legislative Session - Health Care Policy Happenings
      • Highlights of 2015 Legislative Session - Justice Report
      • A Delaware Price on Carbon Study
      • LWV Land Use/Transportation Activities during the past two years
      • Local League Activities - Sussex County
      • How to Make Your Gift to the League Grow
      • Umbrellas for sale!
      • Thank you to our volunteers
      • Calendar

Spring 2015 Delaware Voter 

PDF icon Contents

      • LWV of Delaware Convention - Theme: Civil Rights and Social Justice in Delaware: Panel and Speakers
      • Convention panel and details for registration 2
      • Biographies of slate of nominees
      • Convention business, program, proposed budgets and amendment
      • LWV of Delaware Acting on Public Policy Issues
      • LWVDE'S Advocacy Corps busy on numerous fronts
      • President's Message
      • Highlights of League Day in Dover with pictures
      • How to Make Your Gift to the League Grow
      • Umbrellas and pens for sale
      • Thank you to our contributors
      • Join our social media communities
      • Delaware's Clean Water Rally
      • Calendar

Winter 2015 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • League Day in Dover, Wednesday, March 25, 2015
      • Advocacy Corps: LWVDE Action on Public Policy Issues
      • President's Message
      • New Policy: LWVDE Board Adopts Minimum Wage Position
      • How to Make Your Gift to the League Grow
      • Umbrellas, LWVKC pens, LWVNCC T-shirts for Sale
      • Recognition of Donors
      • Report on LWVSC Forum, "The Black Experience in Delaware, Especially Sussex County"
      • Join Our Social Media Communities
      • LWVKC News: "Climate Change/Justice" series offered at Dover Public Library beginning Mar 12
      • Updated "They Represent You 2014-2016"
      • 6 Ways the LWV has Affected Your Life
      • Report on reception for Elected Officials 2014
      • League Day 2015 registration form
      • Calendar

Fall 2014 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • President's Message
      • Holiday Luncheon, 12/17/14, 12:30, Looking Glass, Woodside
      • Advocacy Corps Planning for 2015
      • Reflections on the People's Climate March
      • Highlights of NCC Coastal Zone Bus Tour
      • Save the Date!! League Day, 3/25/14, 8:30 am - noon, Christ Episcopal Church, Dover
      • LWV Umbrellas for Sale, click // [at]">Umbrellas
      • Recommendations from LWVUS Young People's Task Force Caucus

Summer 2014 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Legislative Roundup
      • President's Message
      • Join the League for a tour of the Coastal Zone in NCC
      • LWVUS Convention 2014 highlights
      • Price on Carbon, at LWVUS Convention 2014
      • The People's Climate March, NYC, September 21, 2014
      • Florida decision is major victory against partisan gerrymandering
      • What is your passion? What do you do about it? League opportunities abound!
        Advocacy Corps, contact: Sandy Spence, sandyspence [at] (
        New Campaign Finance Reform Committee, contact: Carol Jones, sundialee [at] (
        Vote411 Voters Guide, contact: Janet Orlando, jo321@attnet
        New discussion group, Cultural and Racial Inequality, contact: Charlotte King, charlottefking [at]
      • Delaware Election Commissioner's Office and the County Department of Elections praised by Pew Charitable Trust
      • Calendar
      • "Thank you" to our contributors!


Spring 2014 Delaware Voter

Contents (file missing)

      • Legislative Roundup
      • President's Message
      • LWVDE Retreat and Council Highlights
      • Advocacy Corps seeks new members
      • In the News
      • League Day in Dover 2014 - Highlights
      • Calendar
      • Thanks to our contributors, to whom we are grateful!


Winter 2014 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • League Day in Dover, Where Poultry Rules the Roost
      • LWVDE Retreat and Biennial Council 2014
      • President's Message
      • Working on Public Policy Issues
      • Recommendations - Working on Campaign Finance Irregularities
      • Prison-based Gerrymandering
      • Saving Earth's Climate System
      • 2014 Delaware Environmental Summit
      • League Day registration form
      • Calendar


Winter 2013 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • League Day in Dover - Our Annual Legislative Day
        March 27, 2013, 8:30 am to 4 pm
        The Outlook at the Duncan Center, Dover
        Theme: Public Education Trends and Issues
      • The UN Commission on the Status of Women and the League of Women Voters
      • Update on Energy Resources - Grassroots Action Priorities
      • Rally to Repeal the Death Penalty, March 12, 2013
      • Proposals to Prevent Gun Violence
      • ACTION ALERT! The LWV is a member of the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence (DCAGV). There will be a press event on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 1:15 p.m. in the Senate Hearing Room to announce the formation of the DCAGV


Fall 2013 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Social Media Communities
      • Naturalization Ceremony, December 5, 2013
      • LWVDE Education Study, 1st meeting
      • Governor Markell signs EO 41
      • LWVDE Advocacy Corps meeting
      • National Voter Registration Day
      • Newark Mayoral Candidates Forum
      • June McArtor leaves special gift to LWVDE
      • Summary of LWVUS key 2012 accomplishments
      • Calendar


Summer 2013 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Board orientation, August 24, 2013, 12 to 4 pm, Barclay Farm Clubhouse, 1 Paynter's Way, Camden
      • Public Meetings on Sea-Level Rise Monday, September 16, Christ Episcopal Church, Dover Tuesday, September 17, Southbridge, Wilmington (DATE IN PROCESS OF BEING CHANGED) Wednesday, September 18, Limestone Presbyterian Church, Wilmington Friday, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Lewes
      • LWVDE Convention 2013
      • LWVUS Council 2013 Highlights
      • LWVDE State Revenue Study Kickoff Is Impending
      • Summary of 2013 League Day Workshops on Education
      • In Memoriam, June McArtor
      • Advocacy Corps Report
      • Justice Corps Report
      • LWV Minority Statement for Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee Adaptation Report


Spring 2013 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • LWV Convention, May 18, 2013, 8:30 am to 4 pm Sheraton Hotel, Dover
      • President's Message
      • Nominees for Officers and Directors, 2013-2015
      • Program Recommended for Adoption at Convention 2013
      • Judy Taggart Named UDWC 2013 Woman of the Year
      • Highlights of League Day in Dover March 27, 2013, 8:30 am to 4 pm
      • Local League Highlight: Sussex Forums Address Fair Housing
      • ACTION ALERT! HB 58:(limiting high-capacity magazines) This bill would prohibit the manufacture, sale, purchase,transfer or delivery of large-capacity magazines
      • Calendar


Fall 2012 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • League Day in Dover - Our Annual Legislative Day
      • March 27, 2013, 8:30 am to 4 pm
      • The Outlook at the Duncan Center, Dover
      • Theme: Public Education Trends and Issues
      • Post-Election Message from LWVUS President Elisabeth MacNamara
      • Kudos to Janet Orlando and Charlotte King for spearheading this year's VOTE411 Guide effort!
      • VOTE411 report: 91 of 177 candidates responded to our invitation to participate. Questions were made available in both English and Spanish.
      • Voter registration drives roundup: This year, at least 800 residents were registered to vote by LWV members
      • LWVDE Advocacy Corps concern led to the development of a voter guidance list that helps ensure voters understand ID requirements, the provisional ballot process, and the right to request help, and includes the contact information for the county Departments of Election.
      • LWVUS Agriculture Update Committee applicants sought. Questions? Contact Normal Turrill, LWVturrill [at]
      • LWVNY president rings opening bell on NASDAQ, reminds all to vote and highlights League's voter service
      • The Annual Fund Drive and Ed Fund Drive are happening now! You recently received a letter requesting support. Please respond!
      • Photos of League activities around Delaware
      • Former LWVDE President Rashmi Rangan featured in News Journal as a "shining example of how to help people" as she received Wilmington's Citizen of Lights Award. Rangan was being honored for founding the Stepping Stones Community Credit Union, which is for those with few financial resources, among other achievements.
      • Invitation to attend DELCOG's 3rd Reception for Delaware Election Officials, December 5, 2012, 5:30-7:30 pm, Ed Oliver Golf Course Restaurant, Wilmington

Summer 2012 Delaware Voter

Contents (file missing)

      • LWVUS Convention highlights
      • LWVDE Presidents report
      • Delaware Legislative Roundup
      • Members activities on the Delaware Coalition for Health and Justice and the Delaware Death Penalty Repeal Coalition
      • Kudos to our volunteers
      • Thank yous to our contributors this summer
      • Open Government Update, a report on "a banner year for open government in Delaware"
      • Housing Portfolio Report, a summary of progress in ensuring affordable housing for Delaware citizens
      • Notification of our "Members Only" page, a new feature of our website containing information of interest exclusively to members.
      • Natural Resources/Energy Legislative Roundup, a report on solar energy for low-income residents and encouragement of use of renewable energy
      • Health Care Report, a report on legislation concerning health care and meetings of the Health Care Commission and the Delaware Health Information Network
      • Election and Voting Legislative Report, a report on bills concerning full voter participation, voter list maintenance, election rescheduling, electronic signatures, among other legislation
      • Legislative Wrap-up for Land Use/Transportation reports on the outcome of last year's legislation, including the three bills to which we were opposed, and lists the legislation the League will support in the coming session


Winter-Spring 2012 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Announcement and registration form for League Day in Dover March 21 on Lobbying & Campaign Finance Reform
      • President's Message previewing "News" on this new website
      • Save the Date Info about April 13-15 Statewide Retreat at Center for the Inland Bays
      • Request for donation of campaign buttons for sale as a fundraiser at LWVUS Convention in Washington DC in June
      • Report on Energy Coalition Meeting with Governor Markell Urging adoption of a Comprehensive Energy/Climate Change Plan for Delaware
      • Delaware Environmental Summit Highlights
      • Justice Update on Merger of Delaware Center for Justice & SURJ
      • Spence named Ruth Shur Fellow by LWVUS


Fall 2011 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • President's Message relating to Fracking
      • The LWVDE Endowment Fund
      • Advocates of Transparency in Government Meet
      • Energy Committee Report on Sea Level Rise
      • Fact Sheet on Universal Curbside Recycling
      • Save the Dates:
        League Day in Dover on Campaign Finance & Lobbying Reform March 21
        LWV of Delaware Council 2012 and Retreat April 13-15
      • Hydraulic Fracking Drilling Vote Delayed - Thank Governor Markell
      • Update on LWVUS Actions


Summer 2011 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Welcome to our New President
      • Commemorating the 35th Anniversary of FOIA
      • Be Part of the new "Delaware State Revenue Study"
      • LWVDE Convention Highlights
      • LWVUS Council 2011 Highlights
      • Delaware Legislative Wrap-Up
      • LWVDE Year-end Report to Convention
      • Make a Gift to the LWVDE Endowment Fund
      • Navigate the Legislative Website


Winter-Spring 2011 Delaware Voter

PDF icon Contents

      • Invitation to Convention 2011
      • Officer Nominees' Biographies
      • Recommended Program for 2011-13
      • President's Message
      • Action/Advocacy Update
      • Current Program Positions Adopted since Convention 2009