Delaware Voting Rights Coalition (DVRC)

The Delaware Voting Rights Coalition, of which LWVDE is an active member, released this video in January 2022 to encourage voters and policy makers to consider reforms to improve access to voting in our state:

Please take a few minutes to watch the video; it is well worth the 8 minutes of your time that you will spend.

Coalitions under the Umbrella of the LWVDE Advocacy Corps Approved by the State Board

In addition to the Delaware Voting Rights Coalition, the League of Women Voters of Delaware participates in a number of other statewide advocacy coalitions and partnerships.

LWVDE Coalitions for 2022

      • Clean Water Coalition. This group works toward enactment of a clean water bill to clean up the water in Delaware. Point person: Charlie Garlow
      • DE CARES. This group is working on passage of legislation to establish universal paid parental and family leave. Point person: Linda Barnett
      • Delaware Civics Education Coalition. The goals are to elevate civic education and encourage civic engagement for students from kindergarten through high school. Point Person: Jill Itzkowitz
      • Delaware Land Protection Coalition. Its mission is to protect ecologically and culturally sensitive lands in the state via increased open space funding by state government. Point person: Peggy Schultz
      • Delaware Repeal Project [group supporting repeal of the death penalty]: The Board has previously approvedparticipation in such a group if another Coalition against the death penalty is formed. The previous group disbanded when the funding for staff expired. No point person at present; this coalition is inactive but may need to be revived.
      • Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) Coalition. The DRBC includes the Governors or their representatives of NY, NJ, PA and DE, plus a representative of the federal government This coalition comprises the state Leagues of the same four states as well as River Keeper, Sierra Club, and Audubon. It has focused on the impact of fracking in regulatory action and now is working on the issue of DRBC’s authorization of transporting LNG on the Delaware River. All statements would be pre-cleared by the Advocacy Corps.Point person: Coralie Pryde
      • Delaware Voting Rights Coalition. This group’s efforts are directed atencouraging policy makers to consider reforms that will improve access to voting. Point person: Jill Itzkowitz
      • Education Equity Coalition. The goals of this group are to increase public awareness of education funding equity issues and solutions, and to focus on long-term systemic change on behalf of Delaware’s students, particularly those with the greatest needs. Point person: Kathleen Baker
      • End-of-Life Coalition. This is a group that has worked informally with compatible organizations, including the national Compassion & Choices Coalition and state lobbyists, in support of legislation to legalize self-administered measures to end the life of terminally ill individuals. Point person: Joann Hasse
      • Horseshoe Crab Recovery Coalition. This group works to preserve and enhance the threatened populations of horseshoe crabs and the red knot birds. Point person: Charlie Garlow
      • Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Climate and Health. Its goal is to increase awareness of the harm to human health stemming from fossil fuel use and the resultant climate change. Point person: Peggy Schultz 
      • People Powered Fair Maps Partnerships - This is a partnership created by LWVDE under the People Powered Fair Maps contract with LWVUS. The focus of the partnership is the establishment of a knowledge base among Delawareans regarding the significance of the redistricting process, the assurance of transparency in the process that allows the development and institutionalization of fair redistricting maps for use by the DE General Assembly, and the creation of a road map of the process for the future. Point persons: Kyra Hoffner / Jack Young
      • The Power (People for Offshore Wind Energy Resources)—This group works to advance the cause of offshore wind as a source of energy for Delaware and will also support other forms of renewable energy. Point person: Peggy Schultz
      • Renewable Portfolio Standards Coalition --The major goal is to support state legislation which will increase to as high a level as possible Delaware’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, in line with the LWVDE’s most recent study on climate change. Point person: Peggy Schultz
      • Smart Justice Coalition. This is a large coalition spearheaded by ACLU that aims to reduce Delaware’s incarcerated population by 50%. Point person: Lori Yadin
      • Women’s Coalition. This group, organized by the Commission for Women, meets periodically for information sharing among various “women’s” groups. It does not set policy or endorse legislation. Point person: Linda Barnett

Other Groups We Work With

LWVDE’s Advocacy Corps also works closely with other groups on specific issues where we have common positions. They include Common Cause, the Sierra Club, Delaware Nature Society, DE Coalition for Open Government, Americans for Democratic Action, Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement, Delaware Manufactured Homeowners Association (DMHOA), among others.