League Projects

League Projects

The League of Women Voters encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government.


LWV is currently endorsing 2 ballot initiatives


PDF icon IP 9 - Campaign Finance Reform & PDF icon IP 14 - Independent Redistricting


Our Voter Service Chair, Abigail Bok has put together bullet-point summaries for each measure for us.  To view these or the full text of each measure follow the links above.


 Past Projects:


Jordan Cove Energy Project & Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline was a project we took an oppositional stand against because it is in direct conflict with our current Action & Advocacy Positions - Natural Resources, Water Quality & Quantity, Climate Change, Offshore & Coastal Management, Land Use, Energy Conservation, and Seismic Risks.


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Interviews & Debates - During the time of social distancing and restrictions on public gatherings.  The LWVCC used different methods to provide impartial information to voters.  Instead of live public forums, the League offered recorded interviews and debates through video recordings without an audience.  In recent years, we have continued to offer Virtual interviews & debates so that more community members can participate.  We now have a YouTube Channel and are recording Candidate forums in a continued effort to give access to this information to community members.


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Voting is the most basic right of a citizen and the most important right in a democracy. When you vote, you are choosing the people who will make the laws. For almost a century and a half of our nation’s history, women were barred from exercising this fundamental right. This  film, The 19th Amendment:  A Woman's Right to Vote, is about their long, difficult struggle to win the right to vote. It’s about citizenship, the power of the vote, and why women had to change the Constitution with the 19th Amendment to get the vote.


100th Anniversary Celebrations - Leagues across the nation celebrated the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution as well as the formation of the League of Women Voters.   The LWV is a direct descendant of the woman suffrage movement in America. The organization began on February 14, 1920, when Carrie Chapman Catt created the LWV to become the successor to the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), so the League's Centennial was celebrated also!


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