Voting & Elections

Voting & Elections

Participating in elections is such an important way to make decisions for yourself, your family, and your community.  We all have the opportunity to vote and make our voices heard.   

Deadline dates will be posted when available....


Registering to Vote is Important

Are you registered to vote?  Do you want to change your party, your address, your name?

Voter registration forms are available at all county public libraries and at the county Courthouse in Coquille.  City Halls and post offices also carry voter registration forms.  A voter registration form can also be found online prior to elections at the Oregon Secretary of State's website.    

Local September Voter Registration Stations


 - Wednesday, September 20 - Coos Bay Visitor Center, 50 Central Ave., Coos Bay

 - Friday, September 22 - Bandon Farmer's Market, Farm & Sea, 250 1st St. SW, Bandon;

 - Saturday, September 23 - Myrtle Point Harvest Festival, Downtown Myrtle Point


Be sure to check your registration today! 

Ballots are mailed to all active, registered voters.. 
If you do not receive your ballot please contact the Coos County Elections Office at (541) 396-7610.

Vote411 - Election Info You Need 

Prior to elections you can go to & enter your address to see ballot information.  

Vote411 has invites all candidates to answer several questions relating to the position they are seeking, though some candidates may choose not to participate.  The information given to those questions has been provided by the candidates themselves, and is not edited by the LWV.   You will find a list of races for our county as well as many other useful resources available including:  voter registration links, important dates, and more.

The new website is a bit different than in the past, it requires a 2-step process.   Prior to an election you will be able to click on the link above, then scroll down and add your address and click submit.  On the next screen you would scroll down past your address and select your language if different than English, then click on the Save & View Races button.  The next screen will bring up a complete list of races in the county with the exception of city school board elections. 
Some races listed on your Vote411 list may not appear on the ballot you get in the mail.  This happened when the state of Oregon did not assign a specific race to a particular locality, so the Oregon LWV's VOTE411 team was unable to determine the boundaries of the area voting on that race.  When that happened, the League's team listed it as a countywide race.  A bit more confusing than VOTE411 in the past, but with lots of useful info for Voters.  Please be aware that not all candidates may have responded currently.  The League encourages voters to check back closer to the election to find info on any candidate that may not have responded yet.

You can also obtain information on candidates through the Coos County Election Board website.  This link will take you directly to an Election page.  There you can locate lots of information about our county voting system,  find out how to be an observer or find an Election Reporting Schedule, as well as see a copy of the candidate's filing application.   


Elections in Oregon with Mail-in Ballots & Results 

     Oregonians are fortunate to have a long-standing mail-in ballot system in place that is time-tested, safe and reliable.   A discussion of Election security & procedures was presented last fall with a presentation by our then Coos Couny Clerk, Dede Murphy.  A recording of that meeting can be viewed here.  Part 1 - Presentation and Part 2 - Questions & Answers.

     During the 2020 election cycle, the LWVCC produced a video entitled "A Short Tour", narrated by former Coos County League President Carol Ventgen, that explains the process.  Though a bit outdated for the current election, it provides good basic information for those seeking to understand the process better.  

Up-to-date Election results are available after each election and can be viewed here.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization with a mission to encourage the active and informed participation of citizens in government. The League never supports or opposes any candidate or political party and aims to provide impartial information to voters about candidates' views on issues, and to stimulate interest and participation in the election.
The League also conducts in-depth studies of public issues.  If a local League has reached consensus on a particular issue, it may take a position to endorse or oppose a ballot measure - though never a candidate or party - relating to that issue.