League Supports Ballot Initiative IP 9

League Supports Ballot Initiative IP 9

IP 9

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Sponsoring group is Honest Elections: Honest-elections.com
A State Integrity Investigation study in 2015 ranked Oregon 49th out of the 50 states for election integrity because of its lack of campaign finance limits and oversight. We have no limits on campaign spending and weak disclosure requirements for dark money. A
few counties and cities have enacted limits but not at the state level.


Initiative Petition 9 would:

• Limit individual contributions to $2,000 in statewide races such as governor

• Limit individual contributions to $1,000 for other state offices such as state Senator

• Limit individual contributions to $500 for local government office

• Limit individual contributions to PACs (political action committees) to $1,000

• Limit individual contributions to official political parties to $10,000

• Limit individual contributions to small-donor committees to $250

Other provisions:

• No for-profit corporation or similar entity can contribute to political campaigns (24 other states already do this)

• Dark-money groups must disclose large campaign spenders and contributors ($10,000 or more); they must reveal the original sources of the money

• Membership organizations such as unions are also limited to $10,000 in cash plus $10,000 in kind (activities such as door-knocking)

• Largest 4 donors must be named in ads

• Disclosure of large contributions must be made within 7 days

• Removes exception to Oregon bribery laws that allowed use of campaign contributions

• Limits a candidate’s carry-over of funds from one campaign to the next

• Increases penalties for violations

• Requires more info about financials in voter pamphlets

• Dollar amounts are indexed to inflation every few years


Bullet-point summary provided by Abigail Bok, Voter Service Chair. 
For the full text of the Ballot Initiative see the sponsor link at the top of the page.
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The League of Women Voters does take action on issues or advocates for a cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause.