Help Expose Big Money Interests!

Help Expose Big Money Interests!

Time Range For Action Alert: 
September 5, 2017 to September 15, 2017

The influence of big money in our elections is eroding our democracy. When facing a barrage of manipulative and often dishonest campaign ads, shouldn’t you be able to see who is paying for them?  We need your help to make sure big money interests can’t hide their influence in our elections.

Take action today and bring campaign funding into the light! Tell your legislators that transparency matters and urge them to vote YES on the California Disclose Act, AB 249. This bill will:

  • Require political ads to clearly show their top three funders.
  • Stop ads from hiding true funders behind misleading committee names.
  • Apply to television, radio, robocall, online, and print advertising.

A fair democracy depends on informed and active voters—and those voters depend on transparent information. Tell your legislators that political ads need to ditch the fine print and fast-talking disclaimers – YES on the California Disclose Act.

Please act right away! The Senate will vote on AB 249 as early as Monday, September 11, and if it passes, the bill must go over to the Assembly for final action by Friday, September 15.