City of Riverside - SW Riverside County

City of Riverside - SW Riverside County

Mission Statement  The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy     LWV Riverside Current Position         LWV Non Partisan Position                                           

For the most current information on voter education and action, go to our latest edition of our LWV Riverside newsletter - THE VOTER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          LWV Riverside meets the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00am via ZOOM to get caught up and discuss a topic of local interest to League members                                                 To join us please email LWVriverside [at] for the ZOOM registration link.

Riverside's League began in 1953 and graduated to full League status in 1954.  Ruth Brill was President of the new League and they immediately began taking action. Their first accomplishments included a City requirement that all sidewalks be included in residential neighborhood plans and they were instrumental in creating the position of Traffic Engineer to work on City traffic planning.                                                                                                           LWV Riverside 2020 Annual Meeting via Zoom   

On the County level, our League urged the creation of the County Executive Officer position.  They supported the creation of a County Adoption Agency which still operates  today.  Riverside's Jefferson House for chronic mental illness began with a League study.  Another local League study of the California aqueduct prompted action to save the Santa Ana River.  After an arduous battle, the river is now considered saved.

Our League has been at the forefront of ethics reform, education, transportation and air quality issues.  Over the years we have held countless candidate forums, hosted public information meetings and distributed thousands of voter information guides.

LWVR Women's March

We take our legacy of voter education and advocacy very seriously. In fact, our dedication makes the League the organization where hands-on civic involvement leads to civic improvement.

The suffragettes who started the movement to give women the right to vote didn’t know if they would succeed.  But, they persevered.  Today, with over 850 local Leagues, 50 State Leagues and our National League, we remain equally committed to improving our democracy and the quality of life for all our citizens.  It’s been 98 years, but civic participation never goes out of style.

The League of Women Voters | Riverside look forward to continuing our efforts and hope our fellow citizens will join us in protecting our voting rights !


LWVR 2023 Hoiliday Gathering

Jo Scott Coe, a writer-researcher and Riverside City College English Professor, will discuss her richly textured portrait of Kathy Leissner Whitman from her book:  UNHEARD WITNESS

LWVR School Board protests

 A LWV Riverside Zoom meeting to discuss the March Joint Powers Authority Ward 4 warehouse development and an update on the Temecula Valley School Board  turmoil


Our discussion was in partnership with R-NOW riverside neighbors opposing warehouses  represented by Jen Larrat Smith and Jerry Shearer.   

LWV Riverside - October 2023 Unit Meeting

 A LWV Riverside Zoom meeting to discuss the New Wave of Book Banning. 

Our discussion was in partnership with Erin Christmas, Director of the City of Riverside’s Public Libraries, Joan Tyler, Chief Librarian for Riverside County Library Services, and Don Bridge, a long-time educator and member of the Chino Valley School District Board.

Region in Crisis  - IE Warehouse Moratorium v1

“The warehouse sector has long been one of the Inland Empire’s core industries and, ultimately, has been a driving force behind the region’s better and faster recovery……the enduring shift towards online purchasing has intensified which bodes well for the Inland Empire as there is such a strong base and existing infrastructure already on the ground.”