Leaders Update 2019 August

Leaders Update 2019 August

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August 2019

Table of Contents    
100th Anniversary Census Review Your Nonpartisan Policy
Local League Coaches National Voter Registration Day High School Voter Registration
Voter's Choice Act Speaking with One Voice Coalition Advice and Policies
Post Convention Information LWVC/EF Post Board Summary  

President's Letter

Hello League members,

Welcome to an exciting League year!  As we gear up for the March 2020 primary, remember there is more to talk about than League’s traditional voter education topics. This year it’s time to educate Californians about the US Census and, in some counties, a new elections system. Work them into every conversation, forum, registration effort your League is involved in.

There is only one chance every 10 years to get an accurate count of the people living in California.  Census data is used for far more than drawing legislative district lines. It is used in formulas to allocate resources and tax dollars for public safety, planning and disaster response, education needs, hospitals, assistance for veterans and infrastructure needs. Business leaders use Census data to make investment decisions.

Join in LWV’s national effort to educate Americans about the importance of the Census.  Join your county’s Complete Count Committees, or if that is not possible, distribute the information the Complete Count Committees generate.  See the update on Census for further information and links.

The second topic for education is the Voter’s Choice Act. Over half of all registered Californians will cast their ballots in a slightly new way in March 2020.  Fifteen counties will use the Voter’s Choice Act version of elections in which each voter receives a vote by mail ballot and the opportunity to cast that ballot in one of three ways.  Your far flung neighborhood polling places will be replaced by fewer full service Vote Centers.  This is a change for voters, so much education on how this all works is vital.  See the update on the Voter’s Choice Act for further information for your League to use.

At all your League’s events in the coming months, please discuss and distribute written materials on the Census and the new voting system.  Talk about it in connection with voter registration and in any situation in which you have contact with voters.   Let’s do our best to make sure there is an accurate Census and good voter understanding.

Please take some time to review the contents of this Update.  There is important information on how to review your League’s nonpartisan policy; on how League speaks with one voice; and on the education position update concurrence.

As you do the work of the League, please remember this:  A representative democracy only works when all are represented. We are most effective and impactful in our voter service and advocacy work when the League looks like California. We will continue our excellent voter service work; we will continue to deepen our advocacy impact; and we will continue to expand our equity work.

Looking forward to the work ahead,


Carol Moon Goldberg

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100th Anniversary

On August 15th, LWVUS will launch the 100th Anniversary She is Me social media campaign with the tagline “Progress is in our DNA.”  This exciting campaign features League members and the work that is being done.  One of the featured League members is Berkley, Albany, Emeryville’s Adena Ishii!  Designed for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this campaign features short biographies and photos.  It continues through August 2020 and offers opportunities for viewers to gain more information, to join, and to donate.

Over the next year all state and local Leagues are invited to spotlight their own members. Please help us identify our own League members to feature in our state and local She is Me campaigns. Contact Elizabeth Leslie with suggestions.  A toolkit is available to help design your League’s campaign.  This is a great opportunity to attract new members and donors to our Leagues. 

Plans and ideas for marking League’s and the 19th Amendment’s 100th anniversary in addition to She is Me are underway. LWVUS has a great toolkit with graphics and messaging ideas. Be sure to consult both sites to get the full information.


Join in LWV’s national effort to educate Americans about the importance of the Census. The Census offers fantastic opportunities for Leagues to engage with our communities by hosting forums, workshops, and to partner with other organizations. Please join Complete Count Committees in your counties to partner and develop plans for outreach, education, and census counting activities. Talking points and League plans, flyers, information on confidentiality of gathered data and a plethora of other information is in the Census Action Toolkit

Learn about the ‘Hard-To-Count’ (HTC) Communities in California.  Your county might contain one. 

LWVUS offered a webinar on the national efforts.  It provides a timeline and answers general questions.  A Google group on the Census is up and running.  Contact Jenny Avina to join the group.

Review Your Nonpartisan Policy

Each year local League Boards must review their nonpartisan policies.  Each League board should have a policy that best reflects existing conditions in its League, as well as the political climate and traditions in its community. Guidelines on developing and implementing your nonpartisan policy are offered by LWVUS.  A model policy can be obtained from Caroline DeLlamas.

Local League Coaches

Are you new to your local League board?  Did you know the State League has a program that provides you with a liaison to assist you?  They can arrange training, assist with board orientations/trainings, answer administrative and organizational type questions. 

At the State Convention, we announced that their acronym has changed from Management Training Advisors (MTA) to Local League Coaches (LLC). In July, LLCs met for their annual training in San Jose. Most of the LLCs are former local League presidents and/or former state board directors. They can provide guidance on where to find resources, advice on different matters, and get you in touch with the most knowledgeable person on a particular subject.  See the LLC Contact List for your LLC’s contact info.

Don’t see your League listed? Contact the appropriate coordinator or myself for assistance.  

Jacquie Canfield
First Vice President - Local League Support/Membership

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National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is September 24, 2019.  The League of Women Voters has been the single largest on-the-ground partner for this day for years.  Let’s make 2019 the year when 100% of the Leagues in California sign on and participate in some way.  Host or publicize a voter registration event.  That’s all that is needed.

Please attempt to collect some basic information during voter registration drives.  Basic information at a minimum is where, when and how many voters were registered.  If possible, collect the number on the voter registration card, the voter’s date of birth, and the zip code.  This information is valuable in assessing the impact of registration drives.

Please remember that state law prohibits the collection of Social Security number and Drivers license numbers.

LWVEF has some limited grant funds available to Leagues who are planning large-scale or particularly unique media/attention-worthy events. Is that you? Please fill out their very brief grant application form by Friday, August 23!

High School Voter Registration

As always there is a strong interest in registering young people.  California designates the last two weeks of September as High School Voter Education weeks.  The Secretary of State’s office provides resources and materials to use.  In addition, LWVUS offers its Training Manual.  Try to collect information and to create a Get Out the Vote postcard to remind students to vote.

Voter’s Choice Act

Voters in 15 counties now have more days and more ways to vote! Under the Voter’s Choice Act, every registered voter in Amador, Butte, Calaveras, El Dorado, Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Napa, Nevada, Orange, Sacramento, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Tuolumne Counties will receive their ballot in the mail. Voters then have three ways to return their completed ballot—by mail, in a drop box, or at any Vote Center in the county. Los Angeles County is also implementing a modified version of the VCA.

This is a big change for some voters, in particular those that do not normally use vote by mail ballots, voters with disabilities, and voters with limited English proficiency. It takes an army of volunteers, multiple community meetings, and collaboration with your county Elections Office and other community groups to get the word out and ensure the success of the Voter’s Choice Act. Do you live in a VCA county and want to learn how you can get involved? Check out the League’s comprehensive Voter’s Choice Act Toolkit.

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Speaking with One Voice

What does speaking with one voice mean in the context of LWV? Take a look at LWVC’s Advocacy Policy Explainer to learn the answer.  This explainer covers all levels of League plus the workings of subject matter committees and task forces at the state and local levels.  Bookmark this explainer for easy future reference.

Coalition Advice and Policies

Local Leagues frequently ask the state League about partnerships. Are there trusted partners that we can endorse or work with? Do we have a list of recommended partners?  Here is some advice that is easily used by local Leagues both in advocacy and in voter service.  This is another page to bookmark for easy reference in the future.

Post Convention Information

K-12 position update to possible include provisions on charter schools

A committee is being formed to examine the LWV of Fresno County’s education study as it relates to charter schools.  That committee will report its recommendation to the Board of Directors in accordance with LWVC Policies and Procedures.

Homelessness and Housing

Three of our Board of Directors will begin to assemble a committee on homelessness and housing.  The purpose of the committee will be to help assemble education materials, to be the source of information to local Leagues, and to monitor legislation related to the issues. 

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August 2019 Post Board Summary

LWVC/LWVCEF Boards of Directors Meetings
August 4, 2019 – Sacramento, California


  • August 26, 2019 – Women’s Equality Day
  • September 24, 2019 – National Voter Registration Day
  • November 5, 2019 – Election Day in some California jurisdictions
  • January 31, 2020 – Local League Membership Counts due to LWVUS
  • March 3, 2020 – Presidential Primary Election


The LWVC Board of Directors acted as follows:


Ratification of Special Meeting Actions

  • April 10, 2019 – Adopted the Legislative Priorities for 2019.
  • May 1, 2019 – Selected San Francisco as the site for LWVC Convention 2021.
  • May 19, 2019 – The Board: (1) designated May 14-16, 2021 as the dates for the 2021 LWVC Convention at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco; and (2) selected the firm of Cook Silverman to conduct the search for the Executive Director position.
  • June 12, 2019 – The Board: (1) authorized the President, Treasurer, and Interim Executive Director as signatories for the Wells Fargo brokerage account; and (2) approved an extension of the Interim Executive Director’s leave of absence from the Board from June 30, 2019 until her service as Interim Executive Director is concluded.

Resolution Adopted

  • Resolution LWVC 2019-1 – Fixed the number of board members for the 2019-2021 biennium at 13 (includes both officers and directors).

Personnel Matters

  • President Carol Moon Goldberg, Second Vice President Gloria Chun Hoo, and Director Maxine Anderson were appointed to serve as the Executive Director Search Committee.


  • Kristin Chu (LWV San Francisco) as a member of the Finance Committee.

Local League Coaches (LLCs) – (formerly known as MTAs)

  • Margo Reeg (LWV Whittier) as LLC for the local Leagues of Mt. Baldy Area and Pasadena Area.
  • Lynda Hungerford (LWV Oakland) as LLC for the local Leagues of Marin County, Napa County, and Sacramento County.
  • Alice Fried (LWV Alameda) as LLC for LWV West Contra Costa County.


  • Linda “Diz” Swift (LWV Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville) to the Legislation Committee.

Jane Ellen Bergman Memorial Lecture Series

  • The LWVC Board approved a partnership of the University of San Diego Jane Ellen Bergman Memorial Lecture Series on Women, Children and Human Rights celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote.


  • The Board approved a change of name for the Management Training Advisors (MTAs) to Local League Coaches (LLCs) to more accurately reflect the role of these individuals.
  • The Board approved the request of LWV Benicia to: (1) expand its service area to include the entirety of Solano County; and (2) change the name from LWV Benicia to LWV Solano County.
  • The Board approved the application of the Davis group to become the Davis Area MAS/MAL Unit.


  • The June 2019 Financial Reports were received and filed.



The LWVCEF Board of Directors acted as follows:


Ratification of Special Meeting Actions

  • June 12, 2019 – The Board: (1) authorized the President, Treasurer, and Interim Executive Director as signatories for the Wells Fargo brokerage account; and (2) approved an extension of the Interim Executive Director’s leave of absence from the Board from June 30, 2019 until her service as Interim Executive Director is concluded.


  • Kristin Chu (LWV San Francisco) as a member of the Finance Committee.


  • The June 2019 Financial Reports were received and filed.

Caroline de Llamas
LWVC/EF Secretary

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