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Election Day Registration is about to become a reality statewide. Starting in 2020, EVERY polling place in the state will allow voters to register and vote all the way up through Election Day.

LWVC Bill Status Report

The League of Women Voters of California was out in force.

Schools and Communities First Initiative

The Schools and Local Communities Funding Act will restore over $12 billion per year to California’s schools!

Scenic cover for demographic report

To broaden and deepen the Oakland League’s understanding of the diversity of our community and the factors that influence civic participation within diverse Oakland communities, LWVO commissioned a unique research project to help us better underst

LWVO October 2019 letter to City Council re: Measure AA

Court upholds LWVO view of Measure AA vote; LWVO asks City Council NOT to appeal.

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Stephanie Doute LWVC ED
Public Statement

California nonprofit hires energetic leader to propel the organization into the next centennial.

primary elections, California, Political Parties, elections, no party preference, ballots, voting, voters

What political parties have an open or closed primary?

LWVC Legislative Wrap Up, advocacy, grassroots, California, League of Women Voters, freethevote, ACA 6

We advocated tirelessly at the Capitol to empower voters and defend democracy in California.

Cal Channel
Public Statement

20 orgs and 250 Californians signed petition criticizing the California Cable and Telecommunications Association's decision to eliminate Cal Channel.

Sb 72 passed allowing same day voter registration

Registering and voting on the same day allows for our democracy to be more inclusive!