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2020 Redistricting

An opportunity to profoundly impact our state’s future is here. Apply to be part of redistricting!

She is Me

On August 15th, LWVUS launched the 100th Anniversary

LWVO President Deborah Shefler

Our new membership and program year will be full of volunteer opportunities.

LWVO at LWVC Convention

The 68th Convention of the League of Women Voters of California (LWVC), was host to 213 voting delegates representing 55 local Leagues, 3 inter-League organizations (including League of Women Voters Bay Area), and the LWVC board.

Renewal Reminder

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Election Day Voter Registration, same day reg, voting, California SB72, ACLU CA, LWVC
Public Statement

SB 72 will ensure that all voters who wish to are able to register and cast a vote on Election Day

Pre-registration, voting, elections, youth vote, California, cavotes, vote

Register now - vote at 18

The People Powered Fair Maps Campaign, LWV, redistricting, gerrymandering
Public Statement

The People Powered Fair Maps Campaign Will Create Fair Redistricting Across America

ACA 6 victory
Public Statement

The amendment would restore voting rights to nearly 50,000 Californians on parole.


VCA makes voting easier along with this turnkey toolkit for local League outreach efforts.