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Vote with the League on the June 2018 ballot measures

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Vote with the League on June 5, 2018! The California League of Women Voters takes a position on five statewide Propositions and your local Santa Barbara League of Women Voters takes a position on Measure R that will be on the Ballot for Isla Vista voters. Click "Read more" for in depth information.

(For additional information about the propositions from the League of Women Voters California Education Fund, go to https://cavotes.org. Read more to access "The League Recommends" flyer directly.)

To view the Sheriff Forum held on June 3 (in Spanish & English), click the YouTube Channel to the left on this page.

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Get the facts before you vote on June 5

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Don't just share your opinions on the internet - vote on June 5!

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Need multilingual info on the ballot measures for the new and busy voter? Check out the Easy Voter Guide!

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Get unbiased, well-researched info on the ballot measures so you can vote with confidence on June 5.