Our Newsletter

Our Newsletter

The Santa Cruz VOTER newsletter is published regularly by the League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County.


Links to current and recent past issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER are listed below.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - February 2020 Join us on February 22 as we mark the 100th anniversary of the League's founding. Also: candidate forum on 2/6 and more election news.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - December 2019 In this issue: Close call for women suffrage, plan for the March 3 primary, update on county schools.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - October 2019 In this issue: Attend November 2 talk on education with Faris Sabbah, county superintendent of schools; read about Judge Rebecca Connolly and the county judicial system.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - September 2019 In this issue: Meet Judge Connolly in September, help register voters, and get updated about Cabrillo College.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - August 2019 Put September 21 on your calendar to meet Judge Rebecca Connolly; read about the LWVC Convention and learn about recycling realities.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - May 2019 Tour the City of Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility on May 21, make reservations to attend our League's Annual Meeting on June 8, and read about Mid-County Water Supply Plans.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - April 2019 Learn about Mid-County Water Supply Plans on April 27, tour the City of Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility on May 21, and make reservations to attend our League's Annual Meeting on June 8.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - March 2019 Participate in our local program planning on March 7, check out our line of spring programs, and read about income inequality and global climate change.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - February 2019 Attend a discussion of the social consquences of deepening economic inequality with UCSC Professor Heather Bullock on February 9 and sign up for a webinar to discuss the 2018 UN climate report.
PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - January 2019 Attend our State Program Planning meeting on January 29 and mark you calendar to hear Professor Heather Bullock talk about the growing gap between the rich and poor on February 9.

PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - November 2018 Read about taking action against child sex trafficking. Review the League's positions on the state ballot measures in the November election.

PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - October 2018 Attend a presentation of the Pros & Cons of the November state ballot measures and a program on Ending the Exploitation of Children.

PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - September 2018 On September 22, hear retired journalist Robin Musitelli talk about the role of journalism in today's democracy and read about the League's recommendations on the statewide November ballot measures.

PDF iconSanta Cruz VOTER - July 2018 Sign up to help the League register voters at special events this summer, read a summary of the presentation by CAO Carlos Palacios at our June annual meeting.


To view issues from past fiscal years, please use the link below.

Past Fiscal Years of the Santa Cruz VOTER