2019 Annual Meeting Report

2019 Annual Meeting Report


The Annual Meeting of the Lawrence, Douglas County chapter of the League of Women Voters was convened on Saturday, April 13, 2019 in Lecompton, Kansas. The Social Action Committee of the Lecompton United Methodist Church played host to 28 League members for the morning meeting, followed by a delicious old-fashioned fried chicken lunch.

In keeping with the League’s 2019-2020 celebration of its centennial inception, League members were further treated to an historic play at the Territorial Museum in Lecompton. The theme of historical political events was revisited with a lively reenactment of a civil war era political debate in Lecompton, recalling its heyday as the former legislative territorial capital and the place “where slavery began to die”.

Audience participation was encouraged by the Lecompton Reenactors, whose raucous debate was peppered by audience laughs and jeers. Included in the historic characterizations were the fiery words of early women suffragists, Clarina Nichols and Sara Robinson.

Those in attendance at the Annual Meeting’s events reported being entertained by a look back at political history, as well as being reminded of the continuing importance of our League’s voter education, advocacy and activism.

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