Fluker Award: Now accepting nominations for 2019 Helen Fluker Award

Fluker Award: Now accepting nominations for 2019 Helen Fluker Award


Helen Fluker Open and Accessible Government Award

Since 1999, the League of Women Voters of Lawrence-Douglas County has honored a fellow citizen with the Helen Fluker Open and Accessible Government Award.

This year, the recipient will be honored at a luncheon on Sunday, March 24.  

The League invites you to submit a nomination, a person worthy of recognition for contributions to our community.  If you represent an organization, your nominee does not need to be a member, but simply someone of whom you are aware.  If you nominated someone in the past who did not receive the award, you are welcome to submit an updated nomination form or nominate another person.

We have somewhat modified our guidelines.   This year, the nominee should be a Kansas resident over age 18 whose efforts may have promoted improvement in government.  The activities for which he or she is nominated may be volunteer or an extension of a regular job position.  The nominee could have accomplished improvement in government in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Attempting to increase citizen participation in government
  • Educating the public about an issue of importance
  • Working toward more “open” government
  • Being involved in the community in ways that lead to better political decision-making

Please feel free to attach up to three additional sheets of text to the nomination form with as much detail as possible regarding the activities of your nominee.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 1, 2019.  For questions or additional information, call Janice Friedman at 785-842-5188, email inquiries to flukerawardlwv [at] gmail.com.  

Thank you for participating in this opportunity to recognize those who help make our government better for all of us. 

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