June 2018 Co-Presidents' Message

June 2018 Co-Presidents' Message


Happy early summer to everyone! It is already a busy summer for the League, with more to come.

Since the last edition of the Voter came out, we have had numerous events, including voter registration at the naturalization ceremony on May 17th, for which we send thanks to all our volunteers, and a Hot Topic on the subject of affordable housing, ably coordinated by Tamara Cash and covered elsewhere in this issue.

By the time this goes to print, we should have had our first “Beer and Babble” event at Johnny’s Tavern on June 5th, as well as a registration event in coordination with Moms Demand Action on June 2nd in South Park.

At this end of this month, the League of Women Voters will be holding its 53rd National Convention in Chicago. Delegates for Lawrence-Douglas County will be Marlene Merrill, Debra Duncan, and Kristin Salmans. Feel free to wish them bon voyage!

Expect more emails requesting your input for Vote411.org in the days to come, as the Kansas League works on finalizing the candidate questionnaires.

Thanks again to Kim for getting the new and improved website up and running; if you haven’t yet, head over to lawrenceleague.com and check it out!

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