President's Message

President's Message


Greetings to all!

March is proving to be another busy month for the League! Check out the calendar for all the events we have planned! As always, you can stay informed by following us on Facebook. Be sure to set your newsfeed so you see our posts first and don’t miss anything!

In part of our ongoing work with the KU journalism students, we have scheduled a social media training to be held at the Lawrence Public Library Monday, March 25 7:30pm, Meeting Room C. There will be time for individual assistance with the students as well. Join us to learn how to use and maximize your use of social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This training will be beneficial to increase our outreach and influence more citizens on matters important for the League and for you personally. Additionally, you can be more discerning in critically reviewing social media news feeds.

This year we are gearing up to celebrate the centennial of the 19th amendment and women’s right to vote. We are working with KU, the Watkins Museum, the State League and numerous other entities to celebrate and educate. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to get involved! Stay tuned for what we have in store!

I feel lucky and very thankful to have such a wonderful group who work diligently and constantly to #makedemocracywork! Let’s keep it up and expand our reach in the upcoming months!

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