President's Message

President's Message


Here’s hoping you all had a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday season, enjoying family and friends. I am sorry we had to cancel our holiday party! I was so looking forward to spending time with you to celebrate the season. It was much safer to stay in, though!

Reflecting back on 2019, I am so inspired and proud of all we have accomplished! Your volun- teer work and donations have made it possible for us to assist nearly 1000 people register to vote just in the last six months! We have had informative educational programs including one on the 2020 census recently. Be on the lookout for a full agenda in the coming year!

As we enter a new decade, we will keep that momentum and build on it. 2020 promises to be one of our busiest years. We will be reaching out to our community partners in our March to the Polls. Join us at our meeting Feb 1 at the Library! The March to the Polls is a statewide program to get out the vote in low voter turnout areas. We need you to help!

We will be continuing to grow our KU branch, building community partnerships on campus as well. Helping students not only register to vote but helping them get to the polls will be essential in this monumental election year!

If you have ever thought “I want to get involved” or “I need to do something”, now is your chance! The Lawrence League has a place for you. Voter education, registration, March to the Polls, community relationship building, the observer corps, so many opportunities! Come to any meeting- check out the calendar! Like and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Text or email me or any Board member for information.We want you to join us!

Looking forward to a busy and successful 2020! Thank you again for all you do in #makingdemocracywork!

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