Voting Information for Douglas County Residents


The Douglas County Kansas Voting and Elections Department has lots of great information about voting in Douglas County.  One particularly useful document is the list of which offices are on the ballot in which years.  

They also have all of the important dates for this election year. 

Tues, Oct 16:
  Registration books close. Last day to register. 
Wed, Oct 17:
  Advance Voting by mail begins – 20 days prior to Election Day. 
Advance Voting in person begins
Tues, Oct 30:
  Deadline to request an advance ballot to be mailed.
Mon, Nov 5:
  Advance Voting Closes (Noon)
Tues, Nov 6:
  GENERAL ELECTION. First Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even number years. 
Thurs, Nov 15:
  Canvass General Election. 
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