Useful Information: Wellesley Town Meeting

Useful Information: Wellesley Town Meeting


The LWV Wellesley is sponsoring the upcoming discussion "How To Run For Office" on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. The LWV Wellesley, former Town Clerk and former Moderator have provided some useful information about Wellesley Town Meeting:

1. The PDF iconLWVW Candidates' Handbook 2018 is a resource put together by the Wellesley League with the help of the Town Clerk

2. The PDF iconModerator's Guide to Town Meeting Procedures: The Basics (as of 3/25/2016) which describes what Town Meeting is, how it works, who can speak, who can vote and so forth.

3. The PDF iconModerator's Guide to Participation at Town Meeting (as of 3/25/2016) which has more details about how a member of the public can address Wellesley Town Meeting and how votes are taken

4. A PDF iconshort slide show about Town Meeting in Wellesley, including organization chart for the town government, the role of Advisory, and voting precincts


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