Regional Public Transportation

Regional Public Transportation

The League supports a Detroit Metropolitan Area Regional Transit System which includes all governmental units under a single transportation agency.
Position In Brief: 

 The League supports a Detroit Metropolitan Area Regional Transit System.

  • Includes all governmental units under a single transportation agency.
  • Governmental units should not be able to opt out of this system.
  •  Goals should be to:
    • Provide transportation services.
    • Revitalize the urban area.
    • Reduce air pollution.
  • Primary attention should be given to:
    • Increasing mobility throughout the area.
    • Helping the general population to get jobs.
    • Reducing the use of the private automobile.

The League supports a Transportation Agency governed by an appointed board of 8 to 13 members.

  • Term of office should be 3-4 years, overlapping, part-time and with minimal salaries.
  • Board members should represent both population and governmental units.
  • Appointments should be by a combination of agencies to include SEMCOG and the Governor.
  • The Mayor of Detroit and the County Board of Commissioners could be included in the appointing combination of agencies.
  • If there is an elected board:
    • The election should be nonpartisan.
    • Public officials or employees should not be restricted from holding office, but each  potential appointee should be carefully evaluated for possible conflict of interest.
    • Board members whether elected or appointed, should not be for an indefinite number of years.

 The League supports a minimum level of service provided to all.

  • This should include:
    • Urban and outlying areas.
    • The elderly.
    • The handicapped.
  • The greatest level of service should go to heavily populated areas.  Job locations should be considered in establishing transportation routes.
  • There should be a mix of linehaul* and specialized bus service to outlying areas for those individuals who are dependent on public transportation for mobility.
    • Curb-to-curb and door-to-door should be available such as paratransit**  types of  services.
    • Park-and-ride type services should be available to avoid single occupancy vehicles.
    • There should be selected fare reductions for the handicapped, elderly, the young and students.

 The League supports funding for public transportation from a combination of federal, state and local taxes  that supports modes of public transportation.

  •  Vehicle-related taxes and taxes from other sources, such as general revenue and sales taxes should be included.
  • Extra local demand-responsible transportation should be funded mainly by the community served.  A mix of other funding sources may be more appropriate for most types of special service or to meet the needs of certain populations.
  • There should be coordination among various types of special and linehaul* transportation services.

 The League supports statewide general purpose transportation fund.

  •  Allocation from the fund should be determined by need.
  • State Department of Transportation should give equal attention to all modes of     transportation. 
  • The director of the Department should have experience in all modes of transportation.

 *    linehaul = bus lines of straight routes

**  paratransit  =  new terminology defining other than ‘linehaul’

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