Documentary on 2020 Election Challenges

Documentary on 2020 Election Challenges


Members enjoyed the election documentary No Time to Fail on Sept. 25. After the film, a panel of election officials discussed the challenges they faced in 2020 and expect in 2024. We heard from St. Louis County Election Directors Eric Fey and Rick Stream, St. Louis City Directors Ben Borgmeyer and Gary Stoff, and St. Charles County Election Director Kurt Bahr.

League member Gloria Bilchik moderated the panel. She’s the author of Election Insiders: Behind the scenes with the people who make your vote count.

After the movie, Angie Dunlap thanked election workers on social media, saying, “They tried so hard to help the voters be safe and vote, but too often they were scolded by voters. Election workers make democracy work... even in the extraordinary circumstance of a pandemic!”

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