Glossary of LWV Terms

Glossary of LWV Terms

Action – Steps taken to influence public policy consistent with League positions at all levels. See LWVUS website for more information.

Annual Meeting – General meeting which is the main business meeting of the year for local League membership.

Concurrence – Members are asked to concur, or agree, with a statement that may be a position held by another League or a decision statement recommended by a League board or study committee. The statement must be approved or rejected as written. This is very helpful in a local or state League when issues arise and need action and there is no “handy” position ready.

Consensus Questions – Specific questions prepared by a study committee to stimulate interaction, focus discussion and facilitate conclusions by the group. Questions vary in style from open-ended to multiple choice. The appropriate League board approves questions in advance. Any League, local, state and national con conduct a consensus study.

Educational Fund – The “tax-deductible” arm of the League. This fund underwrites educational and Voter Service projects. All levels of League may establish their own Education Funds. In our state League also known as a 501(c)3 organization.

Observers – Representatives of the League who silently monitor the public meetings of elected and non-elected governmental bodies.

PMP – Per Member Payment. An annual assessment for each local League member that is paid by the local League to the national and state Leagues. About 90% of local dues are paid out in this way. Dues and PMP amounts are debated and voted upon at each level of League during budget discussions at conventions or annual meetings.

Portfolio – A specific responsibility carried by a board member or an off-board member to monitor one of the main areas of program and action activities, for example Government, Natural Resources, and Social Policy.

Position – The stand of the League on a public policy issue and the basis for action. (See LWVUS for more information).

Program – Those issues impacted by government chosen by members for concerted study and action.

Study – The process of gathering information on a specific issue for discussion and subsequent consensus in order to establish positions. (See LWVUS for more information).

Unit Meetings – Small group meetings held monthly for League members from contiguous geographic areas. Use for discussion of study topics or other activities of interest to members. If your league is very interested in a position and wants to act upon it, and it is a state wide issue and the state League does or does not have a position, this becomes critical. Check with the state League always.