Voters will continue to face large water-related expenditures in the coming years. Making informed decisions on these investments in managing California’s water resources is a priority for the League.

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water is a human right

Our local groundwater basin is critically overdrafted.

Groundwater planning is important to:


Based on League's basic principles and positions, the League of Women Voters of Benton and Franklin Counties can encourage local Irrigation Districts to be transparent, encourage their members to be aware of District business and participate in the election of their directors.
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Each year at the start of the legislative season, local League members meet with our representatives in the California Senate and Assembly.

Recycled Water: A Reliable Supply in Unreliable Times

Now that the snowpack is not a reliable resource, as a state, we have to get serious about keeping water on the land and not having it go as quickly as possible out to the ocean. This means a total revamp of how we have managed water in California. Besides stormwater capture or building more dams, one of the ways to accomplish this is to recycle water: a proven concept. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and the Los Angeles Sanitation District have teamed up and are planning to build a recycling water plant in Carson, CA.


League positions on Water Resources were originally adopted in 1983 and are reviewed annually.
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Recharge Fresno: The City of Fresno completed construction of Recharge Fresno, a major water system upgrade, last month.


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by Diane Merrill, Director, Water

57th Street Beach Clean-up
Event Date: 
Aug 12 2018 - 8:30am
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41st Street/Oakwood Beach

Make a difference for the health of the Great Lakes! Join LWV Chicago for a fun morning cleaning up our local beaches.


The LWVSC supports measures that promote integrated water-resource planning and management, with an emphasis on conservation and a balance between surface and groundwater usage . . .