Voters will continue to face large water-related expenditures in the coming years. Making informed decisions on these investments in managing California’s water resources is a priority for the League.

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We support water quality and quantity standards and support managing water as a natural resource.


Support of policies and programs which protect the health of the people, preserve the natural resources of the state, and focus on conservation, recreation, and research.

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Promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.

We support measures that promote management and development of water resources in ways that are beneficial to the environment and emphasize conservation and high standards of water quality appropriate for the intended use.

What do we advocate?

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Last month The Voter contained an article on SB 623, the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Act.


We support standards and enforcement for natural resources.


Support measures to secure an orderly and simplified San Bernardino City Charter, with

provisions that enable the Mayor and the Common Council to deal with city problems efficiently, flexibly, and with responsibilities and authority clearly defined. The City Charter should:

A. Provide a framework that allows details to be placed in ordinances passed by the Mayor

and Common Council.

B. Provide a government that is responsible, representative, accountable, and responsive to

the citizens.

C. Address ethics in government.