All Member Monthly: Screening of "Life Inside"

All Member Monthly: Screening of "Life Inside"

All Member Monthly


Kent Social Services
1066 S. Water St.
Kent Ohio 44240
Ohio US
Monday, October 21, 2019 - 7:00pm

We will be screening "Life Inside," an NBC Dateline report about what it's like to be incarcerated in America’s largest maximum-security prison--the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as Angola. According to the NBC website, "Lester [Holt] spent two nights inside Angola, the largest maximum-security prison in America, to report from the front lines about why so many people have landed behind bars, what prison is like for the average inmate, and why many guards, wardens and corrections officials think we need to focus on increasing rehabilitation and reducing incarceration. . . . Lester spent three days locked up and embedded in Angola, where he stayed in a cell block reserved for high-risk offenders and spoke with guards and prisoners about what life is like inside the prison." The final All Member Monthly for the calendar year will be Wednesday, Nov. 13.  

Louisiana State Penitentiary view 2

Aerial view of theLouisiana State
Penitentiary (Angola Prison)

Louisiana State Penitentiary

Entrance to the Louisiana State
Penitentiary (Angola Prison)