Government: Parks and Recreation

The League supports adequate park facilities in Kent and Portage County.
Position History: 

The League's position on this issue was adopted in 1965 and updated in 1968, 1985 and 2006.

The League supports:

  • Adequate park facilities in Kent and Portage County.
  • Kent City providing park and recreation programs for all ages.
  • Kent City providing adequate funding to maintain these programs. Property tax levies, program and developers' fees are appropriate revenue sources for park and recreation funds.
  • Kent City regulations to allow developers' fees to more closely reflect current land market values in lieu of land for parks.
  • Continued cooperation between the Kent Parks and Recreation Department and the Kent City School System to ensure adequate gymnasium and meeting space for Kent City recreation programming in addition to the continued operation of the community pool at Kent Roosevelt High School.
  • The use of federal/state funds and programs to develop and maintain both city and county parks and programs.
  • Establishment of a broad based source of revenue for the Portage Park District that would provide adequate funds for: the conservation of environmentally sensitive natural areas; a system of greenways and hike/bike trails connecting communities and parkland throughout Portage County; partnerships with townships and municipalities in land conservation projects; expansion of environmental education programs. Specific broad based sources of funding could be a county park levy, designated developers' fees, transfer tax allocations or other viable options.
  • Active planning and collaborative efforts among regional governmental units such as the Portage County Commissioners, townships, municipalities and Portage Park District to enhance the conservation and protection of the natural heritage of Portage County, which might include watersheds, wetlands, forests, and other environmentally sensitive areas.
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