Program Priorities

Program Priorities

Position In Brief: 

1. Voter Service:

a. Promote increased citizen participation in the political process (with emphasis on voter registration and voter turnout).

b. Develop and disseminate voter information which supports and encourages an informed, active electorate.

2. Environmental Program:

a. Support legislation, programs, and advocacy efforts to protect wetlands and maintain clean ground (drinking) water, as well as programs that decrease air and water pollution.

b. Support and monitor efforts to maintain an effective and strong Environmental Protection Agency and its affiliated counterparts at the federal, state and local levels.

c. Support and monitor activities regarding local parks and greenways to protect and preserve public land from privatization.

d. Support programs that promote energy efficiency and the use and development of clean renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind energy.   

3. Education:

a.Oppose any and all reduction to funding for public education.

b. Support election of school board members and appointment of superintendents.

4. Government and Social Issues:

a.Educate and advocate against domestic violence.

b.Retain Merit-Based Selection and Retention. Support the judicial selection process that will ensure that appellate judges are free from partisanship.

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