League Positions of interest to the Hill Country Texas citizens

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League Positions of interest to Texas citizens

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League Action on Redistricting

Attend an Interim Field Hearing on Texas Redistricting


Texas Redistricting Maps


"There is a whole component of citizen education dealing with transparency and public engagement that is absolutely vital to any redistricting system. People need to understand what the current redistricting process is, why it's so bad, and what can be done about it in clear, simple terms. We need good material in all formats and good speakers to share that material. We need volunteers who represent our diversity to help us inform our communities.

"We need to focus on creating a more transparent process. We need people to watch when the new maps are drawn to guard against gerrymandering. Sunlight disinfects. If the line drawers aren't doing anything "funny," then there is no reason to go behind closed doors. The public needs to see and understand who is drawing the maps and how they are drawn." ~ Chris Carson, President, League of Women Voters, US (see full LWV Texas presentation on Redistricting).

During the 2021 legislative session, the Texas Legislature will reapportion congressional seats, as well as Texas house and senate seats. Starting in September, the Texas House Committee on Redistricting will be holding Interim Field Hearings to gather information that will aid in making redistricting decisions. ( Click here for dates and locations. ) ( The hearings "provide an opportunity for citizens to present relevant testimony concerning local preferences, communities of interest, local voting patterns, and other issues that the legislature may consider when redrawing district lines. The hearings also promote public awareness of the legislative redistricting process." (

The LWV-Texas website has a wealth of information and resources regarding redistricting and how we can participate. Click here to visit the Redistricting/Census page.

League members will be making plans to attend one of interim field hearings and will offer opportunities for carpooling to those who are interested. Please watch for notices about the plans.