Bay Area Regional Forum: Meet BAHFA's Director

Bay Area Regional Forum: Meet BAHFA's Director

Bay Area Housing Finance Authority Event

In 2019 the California legislature established the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) via AB 1487. BAHFA has regional revenue generating authority that enables it to work collaboratively with all Bay Area jurisdictions. Its mandate is to create regional solutions that meet the Bay Area's affordable housing needs by producing and preserving more affordable housing and protecting our most vulnerable residents.

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BAHFA held two workshops for all members of the public to learn about the proposed housing measure, ask questions and provide feedback to BAHFA.

Kate Hartley, BAHFA Director



Hear from Kate Hartley, BAHFA Director, on progress made to date and next steps for a potential regional housing bond measure. The program includes the BAHFA Business Plan and Equity Framework. Questions and comments are answered. Still have questions? The LWV Bay Area board wants your input at lwvba [at]

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