League Day 2018

League Day 2018


Laney College
900 Fallon Street Lecture Hall
Oakland California
California US
LWVBA signature event

Regional Symposium on Regional Government - Winds of Change

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League Day Packet

PDF icon Agenda

PDF icon Speakers Biographies

PDF icon History of the League of Women Voters of the Bay Area and Regional Governance

PDF icon Emerging Regionalism in the San Francisco Bay Area – A Historical Perspective

PDF icon Bay Area Monitor - Special Edition

Impact of Regional Government on Local Government and Community Intersection and Interconnection

Key Address: 

Head Winds: Micro-climate Perspective of Regionalism and Regional Governance

Keynote Speaker: 

California State Senator
Bob Wieckowski
10th District

Today’s Swirling Cross-Winds: Creation of a New Comprehensive Regional Planning Agency: Where have we been and what’s ahead.

Vision Discussion


“What’s needed, what would work, barriers, challenges, and big ideas.”

League Day 2018 Vision Discussion Moderator and Participant

Moderator: Matt Vander Sluis, Deputy Director, Greenbelt Alliance

Julie Pierce, Clayton Councilmember, Association of Bay Area Governments’ Immediate past President, Commissioner Metropolitan Transportation Commission


Bay Area Cross Currents:

Historical Bay Area look at Regionalism and Regional Governance

Highlighting League’s Role in this Discussion Since the 1960’s.

League Day 2018 Participant/Speaker   League Day 2018 Participant/Speaker

Regional “Weather” Forecast – Today and Tomorrow:

A Regional Roundtable

League Day 2018 Round Table Discussion Participants

Roundtable Moderator: Louise Rothman-Riemer, President, LWV Oakland

Each group discusses their group, their role in the region, their challenges and successes, collaborations, community engagement— intersection and interconnections. Moderator will facilitate their discussion about what’s next, their vision for future collaborations, to what could/would work and new models of governance.

Roundtable Speakers

  • BARC-Bay Area Reg. Collaborative, Allison Brooks, Exec. Dir.
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Ken Kirkey, Planning Dir.
  • CASA-Committee to House the Bay Area, Leslye Corsiglia, Co-Chair and SV@Home
  • Bay Area Council/Economic Institute, Matt Regan, Senior V.P. of Public Policy
  • SPUR, Egon Terplan, Regional Planning Director
  • Nonprofit Housing of Northern California, Pedro Galvao, Regional Planning-Policy Manager
  • Working Partnerships USA, Derecka Mehrens, Exec. Dir.