League Day 2016

League Day 2016


Maple Hall
13831 San Pablo Avenue
San Pablo California 94806
California US

Reinventing Bay Area Transportation for the 21st Century

LWVBA Studies Transportation

League Day Packet

2016 Presenters

Keynote Address: 

  • Senator Jim Beall, Chair California Senate Transportation Committee | VIDEO

Panel 1:

  • Allowance? Passing the Hat for Funding | VIDEO
  • Tess Lengyel - Alameda County Transportation Commission Funding: Are Self-Help Taxes Helpful or Enough?
  • Alix Bockelman - Metropolitan Transportation Commission Infrastructure: How Do You Prioritize Upkeep Versus Expansion? | SLIDES
  • Richard Marcantonio - Public Advocates Social Equity: Is Social Equity Overlooked in Funding Proposals?

Panel 2:

  • Innovation & Technology - Back to the Future | VIDEO
  • Steve Raney - Joint Venture Silicon Valley's Mobility: Last Mile Problem - What Are Some Solutions? | SLIDES
  • Joël Ramos - TransForm Social Equity: How Do We Make Tech Serve the Underserved?
  • Adam Stocker - UCB Transportation Sustainability Research Center Technology: What Will the Highway of the Future Look Like? | SLIDES

Panel 3:

  • Who Moved My Cheese? How and Where do We Change the Culture? | VIDEO
  • Krute Singa - San Francisco Department of the Environment: Crystal Ball: Can Agencies Be Agents for Change? | SLIDES
  • Mary Lim-Lampe - Genesis: Social Equity: How Do We Make Access Affordable for All? |  SLIDES
  • John Boesel - CALSTART Drones vs Semis: How Do We Change the Way We Deliver Goods? | SLIDES