Fresno City Charter

Fresno City Charter

Supports -The council-manager form of government for the City of Fresno.
Position In Brief: 

Support for: 

The overall intent of the Charter of the City of Fresno and measures to strengthen it 

The council-manager form of government for the City of Fresno, although this was superseded by the strong mayor form of government in 1994 

Position History: 

Adopted 1967: Amended 1970, 1972, 1974,1982,1983,1993,1994

Elements of the League’s Charter Position 

  • The Council should be free to set wages and salaries for persons employed by the city without charter-set restrictions
    All department heads should be exempt from Civil Service
    The salaries of the Mayor and Council should be fixed by ordinance and not by charter
    The Mayor should have the right of veto over Council decisions, except land-use decisions.  The Council should have the right to override a mayoral veto with a greater-than-simple majority vote
    The Mayor should be responsible for developing the budget.
    The Mayor should be responsible for appointments of boards and commissions with the concurrence of the Council
    City Council members should hire their own assistants
    City Council members should be elected by districts.
    The City Council and the Mayor should not be subject to term limits
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