Internship Opportunities

The Los Angeles League of Women Voters offers interested individuals over 18 years old an opportunity to serve as unpaid interns.  We offer both remote opportunities and some in person opportunities at the League's mid-Wilshire office as well as through off-site projects throughout the Los Angeles area. If requested, League interns can earn hours for service learning/civic engagement. Student interns will receive appropriate documentation of hours and tasks accomplished as required by their academic programs.  Internships are offered year-round, with schedules and hours jointly determined by the intern and the League.

You do not have to be a student to intern with us, we welcome all adults over 18.

Why Should I Apply?

  • gain valuable experience with a nationally respected nonprofit organization
  • receive strong letters of recommendation upon completion of internship
  • build your resume to improve employment opportunities
  • learn about nonprofit management and office administration
  • learn about the electoral process and the role of the local, state, and U.S. League of Women Voters

Responsibilities and Assignments

Each internship is planned based on individual circumstances, time and skills, and involves a collaboration that engages the intern, LWVLA member-mentors, and the LWVLA staff. Most interns work in the office mentored by LWVLA's Executive Director and the Administrative Assistant. Some interns work directly with LWVLA committees engaged in research and problem solving related to League positions.

General Assignments:

  • Assist League staff and/or League members on various designated projects
  • Answer telephones and assist with general questions
  • Internet and data systems technical support
  • Assorted bookkeeping tasks
  • Assist with membership mailers
  • General Administrative filing
  • Event planning
  • Community Outreach
  • Voter Registration
  • Special projects

How to Apply

To apply, you will email: internships [at] In the email, you will include your resume as a pdf file (last name, first name -Internship Application.pdf) and in the body of the email, you will write a short cover letter answering the following questions:
Why are you interesting in working with League? What areas of work interest you?
Please make sure to title the subject line: “Internship Application”. If you have any questions about the internship or application process, please email Mona Field in the information contact below. 

For further information contact:

Mona Field: internships [at] or
The League office: 213-368-1616.

Testimonials from Current/Past Interns

“As an intern with the League of Women Voters, I have been able to learn about myriad ways to make change on a local level. The League has allowed me to work with a variety of committees including voter services, grants, and redistricting, each of which taught me something new and exciting about civic engagement and reaffirmed my commitment to community organizing and political involvement. The skills and knowledge gained through an internship with the League are already proving invaluable in my other professional and personal endeavors, especially those that help me to connect with other community members and get them excited about making a difference too.”

 -- Anna Podkowski, LWVLA Intern and USC Student

“My internship at LWVLA was meaningful and helpful in determining my next steps
professionally. Through the work I did, I was also able to ask my supervisors questions and receive guidance on how to continue being active in political life, both during my internship and after; which has been incredibly helpful in learning how to network. Interning at LWVLA was the first step in learning how to channel my goals to help others into my professional life.”

 -- Sarah Young, Occidental College, Class of 2020

...This was the first time in my life every doing something like this. I have never volunteered somewhere with such high creditably and high profiled people. I was nervous when I pulled up to the Beverly Hills Mansion; I always heard of bad stories about people acting superior (snotty) in these rich areas. I went in with an eager mind yet I still had my guard up. Was I ever so wrong! Everyone, and I mean everyone was the complete opposite especially; the other volunteers that have worked for the league for many years. They had so much passion and heart for what they do for this community. The guests were also compassionate and hopeful for our society. I learned so much today. I acquired knowledge about: team work, passion, policies, programs, workshops, education and how these events are actually put together. I must say so much talent, blood, sweat, and tears go into these kinds of events and the Civic engagement WOW! I appreciate this experience in the pit of my heart; I will not take the life lessons, friendships, networks, that I obtained for granted. This involvement made me realize what I really want in life and that is to, fight for human beings and their rights! I am so delighted to be a part of this amazing community/organization and I absolutely see myself continuing with this association. They are truly amazing people that have a sense of dignity and hope for the future! Los Angeles League of Women Voters, I thank you for all your hard work and opening my mind to the splendid opportunities and for the services you have to our community.

 --Katie O'Connell, Fall of 2017