Get the Facts! For the March Primary & 2020 Census

Get the Facts! For the March Primary & 2020 Census

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Temple Emanuel - Belle Chapel
300 N. Clark Dr (also Herzl Way)
Beverly Hills California 90211
California US
Sunday, February 16, 2020 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Join us for a fun and information-packed afternoon with Mona Field, Co-President of the Los Angeles League of Women Voters, who will cover:

This election is not just about U.S. President, as consequential as that is.

  • BRING YOUR SAMPLE BALLOTS.  Find out about important state, county and local measures as well as candidates seeking office for Congress, State Senate, judgeships and more.
  • ELECTION "JUNK MAIL."  Discover how to tell who is behind those campaign ads and why.  The answers may surprise you.
  • DEBUT OF NEW VOTING SYSTEM IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY.  Hear about the County's new $100 million voting system with hack-protected machines, 11 days to vote and choice of voting locations.

You will learn the purpose of the Census as well as:

  • Why it’s hard to get an accurate count in Los Angeles County.
  • How an undercount could affect highways, schools, housing,  and essential social services for children, the elderly and disabled.
  • How the Census results could change the number of Congressional seats in California.
  • How the Census could affect the Electoral College and future Presidential elections.

Ms. Field is a notable expert in the area of state and local politics.  In addition to her role with the League, she is professor emeritus, political science at Glendale Community College and author of "California Government and Politics Today (15th Edition)."

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