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The LWV-PA is fortunate to have Margan’s and Thad’s articles as they have extensive training and experience in planning for pandemics. The articles, listed with links below.

Former president Barack Obama has participated in or will speak in several virtual graduation celebrations across the nation on various platforms. At the time of “press,” however, only one will also feature former first lady Michelle Obama.


We welcome your reviews of books that • were published within the past three years • do not advocate for a political party or politician • do address issues supported by the League, and • intrigued you enough that you want to share them.


The League was delighted to welcome fifty-eight new members since the beginning of the year.


Having celebrated the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, League leaders like Carrie Chapman Catt took a collective deep breath and began planning for the future.

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Mia Villasenor, LWVC Intern

We love our interns!

Schools and Communities First, close tax loophole, ballot measure, League of Women Voters, California, Tax reform, make it fair

Get engaged in our efforts to put Schools and Communities First in California.

COVID19 hobbies, sheltering in place, staff, nonprofit, California

Every two weeks, we will publish the Staff’s Top 5 on a certain topic. We hope that you find common interests as you get to know us better!

Voting by mail in California, Covid19, voting rights, caelections, elections, voting
Public Statement

Voting rights advocates call on the state legislature to mandate safe, accessible in-person voting locations and to appropriate funds necessary to make California’s November 2020 election a success

League of Women Voters Staff Top 5 Influential Women

Get to know our staff and enjoy our top 5 picks every two weeks.