Social Justice Committee

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee is a recent amalgam of three components. The Committee engages in education and advocacy related to police practices reform, income/wage justice and housing and tenant protections. Most of the current work is concentrated in Pasadena and on the County level.

The Committee would like to expand into other subjects and other service area cities. For these reasons, it seeks additional members, especially individuals directly impacted by social justice concerns.

The Committee presently consists of three subcommittees. Additional subcommittees will be added as issues arise that interested members come together to address.

Police Practices Subcomittee

The Police Practices Subcommittee works on education and advocacy issues related to civilian oversight of police activities, transparency in police activities and policy formation,
reforms in surveillance, use of force, unlawful stops and frisks and other police policies and practices. These reforms are commonly referred to as constitutional and democratic policing. The Subcommittee is currently reviewing whether the League’s policies are in need of updating in light
of innovations in police policies and practices. Those who would like to join in these efforts should contact Committee Chair Kris Ockershauser at socialjustice [at]

Wages/Income Subcomittee

The Wages/Income Subcommittee works on education and advocacy issues that are designed to increase the minimum wages of low wage workers, enhance the incomes of, and benefits received by, very low and low income households and minimize the negative ramifications of minimum elevating wages on the eligibility low income households for social support programs. The Subcommittee is currently recruiting members to engage in coalition work to ensure that Pasadena officials do not curtail hard won minimum wage increases. Those who would like to join in these efforts should contact Kris Ockershauser at social-justice [at]

Housing Subcomittee

The Housing Subcommittee educates and advocates on homelessness, affordable housing and efforts to achieve housing security for tenants. Recently, the League was asked to join a coalition to bring rent control and just cause eviction protections to Pasadena. The Subcommittee is presently reviewing whether the League’s positions on affordable housing should be updated to address rent control and just cause eviction concerns. Those who would like to join in these efforts should contact Committee Chair Michelle White at affhsgservices [at]


  • Chair: Michelle White.
  • Subcommittee Chairs: Kris Ockershauser, Marge Nichols and Michelle White.
  • Members: Alesia Gilford, Fern Ward, Jackie Knowles, Jill Shook, Anthony Manusos, Ed Washatka, Dale Gronemeier, Skip Hickambottom, Larry D’Addario and John Jackson.
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